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Theoria Medical is a comprehensive physician group providing medical directorship, attending,  and telemedicine services to facilities. The group has a strong focus on compliance and stellar patient care. The group’s physical medical management solutions and telemedicine services facilitates significant reductions in readmissions, citations, and improved resident care. Theoria’s telemedicine software platform is now integrated with PointClickCare allowing users to login with their PointClickCare credentials, push and pull relevant data, and more thereby improving workflows and efficiency. In addition, Theoria’s physician EMR integration with PointClickCare allows for provider notes to be delivered instantaneously and improves the workflow of the staff. Overall, the Theoria Medical x 5-Star Telemed PointClickCare integrated solution is a necessary tool that improves resident care.

Features and Benefits

Telemedicine Coverage

Theoria Medical’s 5-Star Telemed product provides complete telemedicine coverage of your facility. Providers are available constantly for nursing staff to contact via Secure Conversations, telephone, and the 5-Star Telemedicine calls.

Comprehensive Assessment

The 5-Star Telemed solution includes integrated devices that include: 12-lead EKG, bluetooth stethoscope, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, spirometer, i-STAT and more. These devices directly connect with the platform and facilitate a comprehensive assessment of the resident by a provider.

Seamless Integration

The physician EHR and telemedicine systems seamlessly integrate together and with PointClickCare. The relevant telemedicine data is sent to the resident’s chart, and provider notes are also sent to the resident’s chart upon signature. The integration with the physician chart allows for greater efficiency for medical staff in addition to allowing for an increased quality of care.

Machine Learning

The physician EHR has machine learning algorithms built in to alert providers on high-risk patients and other instances that require a provider’s attention. This technology allows Theoria Medical to improve resident care and reduce readmissions throughout health systems.

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