MealSuite is a fully integrated, end to end, dietary (recipes and menus), food production, inventory, kitchen management and point of sale solution set that supports resident-focused care and engagement at mealtimes, reduces risks of service contraindicated items due to allergy or clinical risks, improves dining satisfaction, and increases staff efficiency. The Connect interface with PointClickCare reduces data entry risks and expedites delivery of key dietary information to your food service and clinical dietary teams by immediately driving diet orders, allergies and admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) data into MealSuite. MealSuite is cloud-based and only requires a W-Fi connection.

Features and Benefits

Improve Staff Efficiency

Real-time transfers of clinical diet order and allergy information from PointClickCare’s Electronic Health Record reduce stress and time required to re-key data while also eliminating keystroke errors. Timely, accurate data ensures that when staff can rapidly take food orders in rooms, or at tableside without having to check or verify which residents can have which food items. Customers typically reduce food service periods by up to 20 minutes per meal!

Integration Reduces Risk

MealSuite's API integration with PointClickCare offers a real-time transfer of data from PointClickCare. Eliminate duplicate data entry. The immediacy of data availability to staff and MealSuite's ability to automatically filter out contraindicated food items, so they are never even offered to residents, significantly reduces the risks associated with food service.

Access Current Diet Restrictions at Bedside

See real-time diet restriction and allergen information at the bedside when taking orders or delivering snacks; rely on MealSuite to automatically filter out items, so residents are only offered the items and textures they are allowed to consume.

Improve Safety

Restricted ingredients and allergens documented in PointClickCare are automatically filtered from menu options. MealSuite also ensures residents receive proper adaptive feeding devices and food texture modifications based on the most current dietary parameters entered into PointClickCare.

Provide Personalized Interventions

MealSuite improves resident satisfaction by making sure residents receive the specific items they want or need. Personal dietary interventions can be entered into the system for various requests like portion size adjustments, item substitutions, disliked items, and even personalized menus when necessary. Connect validates each request is still allowed when diet orders change.

Drive Service Excellence with Special Notes

Help your service team engage residents by entering resident specific notes by meal and for the entire day. For instance, you can note Mr. Jones likes to talk about his dog (conversation starter for new staff who don’t know him yet) or service needs such as “assist cutting meat” so your serving staff can make the dining experience enjoyable and successful.

Dietitian-Created Menus

MealSuite’ dietitians publish two menus a year (4-week cycles) to help customs minimize data input and to expedite rollouts. MealSuite is cloud-based and only requires a W-Fi* connection (you don’t have to invest in or support a local server).

Integrated Point of Sale

Data flowing through MealSuite Connect helps support a fully integrated front-end and back-end solution to manage everything from what to produce, who to make it for, when to serve it and what up-sell items (if any) are appropriate to sell to residents (assuming you have billable items like guest meals, double portions, or alcohol). MealSuite Connect is one of the only truly integrated dietary management, production, and POS solutions available from a single vendor. MealSuite also supplies and supports required POS hardware (register, menu boards, kitchen management screens, and tablets for ordering).

Integrated with PointClickCare

Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. As soon as something is updated in PointClickCare, the app is notified and is able to keep all authorized data up to date in real-time. Retrieve the list of allergies (drug, food, substance, environmental or others) for a patient. Allergies include detailed information on the category, type, reaction type, reaction and its status. Returns the list of Active and On Hold Nutrition Orders for a specified patient. Retrieve a list of admit, transfer and discharge (ADT) record entries for a patient. ADT entries include actions such as admission, discharge, internal room transfer, death, leave of absence, primary payer details. Access to PointClickCare information is authorized by the third party app user login.

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