Accushield Sign In & Health-Screening Kiosk


The Accushield Kiosk and Mobile App gives time back to clinicians by eliminating the paper surveillance process and replaces it with automated real-time alerts triggered by customizable surveillance questions and document requirements in Skilled Nursing and Senior Living Communities. As ever-changing regulations continue to impact the industry, facilities using Accushield can view and validate COVID-19 vaccination statuses and testing results.

Features and Benefits

Kiosk & Mobile App - Surveillance Management

The Accushield offers clients the ability to personalize COVID-19 surveillance questions in order to remain regulatory compliant and enhance infection control measures between visitors, staff, and contract staff. The Accushield Kiosk and Mobile App capture valuable data that can be accessed by designated managers both at the facility and corporate levels. As part of the surveillance process, the integrated kiosk thermometer will easily and accurately capture temperatures. To elevate the ability to reduce possible exposure to facilities, real-time text and email alerts are sent according to the personalized alert settings set at the facility or corporate levels.

Vaccine Card Verification Kiosk - helps with CMS and NHSN requirements

Using Accushield's Document Management feature promotes regulatory compliance by sending real-time personalized alerts set at the facility or corporate levels that are triggered according to the vaccination card or test results captured during the surveillance process. Captured documents, including policy and consent attestations, may be viewed by designated managers at facility or corporate levels as well as generate reports that aid with NHSN reporting.

COVID-19 Questionnaire

The kiosk can include a COVID-19 Questionnaire that will need to be completed by each person during the sign in process. This information is stored in a private cloud giving community or facility managers access with a unique username and password. COVID-19 Questionnaire reports can be made at any time using the online dashboard. Managers are able to customize the questions depending on the visitor for staff type.

Health Screening Alerts - Reduce Avoidable Outbreaks

Anyone entering a facility is subject to personalized health screening alerts as part of the Accushield surveillance process. Real-time alerts are sent to designated managers at the facility level via text message or email. The alert includes details that make it easy for the facility manager to identify and contact the individual that triggered the alert, creating an efficient and positive experience, and helping reduce possible exposure to the facility and a potential outbreak.

Accushield Mobile - Surveillance Made Easy

Accushield Mobile App, downloaded for free and available in app stores, enhances a facility's infection prevention program by encouraging surveillance prior to entry to the building. The simple to use app mirrors the facility's Accushield Kiosk personalized surveillance screening questions, health screening alerts, and document requirements. When no health screening alert is triggered the mobile app creates a QR code to be scanned upon arrival to the facility and instantly captures temperature.

Accushield Name Badge Printer - Identify and Confirm

Infection prevention programs that include individual visible identification of completed surveillance and vaccination status are supported using the Accushield Printer. Triggered after a completed surveillance screening, the Accushield Printer prints an identification label that, when worn, enables managers to manage compliance and risk to the facility in a simple manner.

Reports & Integrations- Creating Efficiencies

Accushield's robust integration network with valued partners, including PointClickCare, helps eliminate data management. Accushield reports, including the Health Care Screening report and the Evacuation report, offer facility and corporate designated managers to streamline the data gathering process for reports that are provided to Federal, State, and local health care agencies, including NHSN reporting. Combined, these features give back valuable time to staff without compromising compliance.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Accushield Visitor and staff sign-in and health-screening kiosk integrates seamlessly with PointClickCare. PCC pushes resident name(s) to the Accushield kiosk directory so the facility or community does not need to manually add or delete names

Negative COVID Test Verification Kiosk

Facility Management can now use the kiosk to verify proof of a negative COVID test result. At sign-in, the kiosk can take a photo of the negative COVID test result, or the individual can download the free Accushield Mobile App from the Apple and Google Play Store and use that to upload a copy of the negative COVID test result. After the test result document has been uploaded via the App or by using the camera on the kiosk, management of the facility can review the result from the web-based dashboard and either approve or deny the document. If the COVID test result is approved, the individual will receive a QR code that can be used to sign in at the kiosk. If the COVID test document is denied, the individual will be alerted via push notification, and the individual will not be able to sign in.


Accushield - touchscreen visitor management for senior living

Accushield - touchscreen visitor management for senior living

The Accushield Sign-in Kiosk replaces the paper sign-in logs at entrances to Senior Living Communities and SNFs and gives Operators the ability to sign-in, record body temperature, and ask CDC-recommended COVID-19 screening questions for every staff member, visitor and third-party caregiver that enters.

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