MemoryWell replaces handwritten biographical questionnaires that families hate to fill out, and few ever read, with brief, professionally-told stories that we host digitally. Families can then add to them their loved ones' favorite photos, music and movies, so whomever's sitting with them, whether it's a paid caregiver or a grandchild, they have a whole toolbox of things with which to engage that person.

Features and Benefits

Get to know residents quickly and intimately

Stories are always easier to grasp than data and ours are professionally and beautifully crafted: not only keepsakes for families, but easy-to-digest and enjoyable information for paid caregiving staff.

Powerful sales differentiator

The No. 1 reason, aside form expenses, that families don't put their loved ones into care is they don't believe they'll be known and treated like the person they know and love. But give them a MemoryWell, a professionally told story that all staff will read, and they'll know this is a special place for mom.

A hyper personalized engagement tool

Our stories also effectively digitize data that otherwise sits in hand-written questionnaires in binders. This makes the data searchable, so you can know who which five guys play golf, or the 10 ladies that knit. You can plan special meals for the 23 folks who love lasagna or dance parties for those who can't resist Elvis.

Reminiscence Therapy

We also have training videos to show the activities staff how to use MemoryWell's stories and timelines as weekly reminiscence therapy sessions.

A keepsake for families

More than 94% of families love the interview process and 81% say they feel better about care knowing that staff knows their loved one's story. They can also pass the stories down to grandchildren and great grandchildren. And the timelines keep families engaged, a popular option for far flung relatives.

Unparalleled Marketing

Local media is always looking for great Veterans Day or Grandparents Day stories. We work with communities to send our stories to local press and we have a viral social media campaign for those that are public facing. Think Human of New York, but for older people.

MemoryWell story

MemoryWell's stories are written by our network of 700+ professional writers. We take existing questionnaires and assessments, or we replace them with family interviews with a writer, and turn those into a story. All our stories are brief, less than 800 words, so they can be printed and put into care plans, or laminated and put up onto walls.


All of our stories also come with timelines. Families can build on the story, adding in photos, stories, readings, music and movies from different eras. We also can send weekly engagement questions around historical events, like: Where were you during the moon landing? Staff can also add photos and videos of what the resident is up to week-to-week.

Caregiver Page

All our stories also come with a caregiver page. This is only accessible by the family's power of attorney, and paid caregiving staff. That's because, in addition to family names and favorite hobbies, the page also includes sensitive subjects. These are issues like abuse, neglect, incarceration or estrangement that families don't want to see on the lovely stories and timelines that are passed down to their kids and grandkids, but are super important for care as they form the backbone of behavioral issues. The page also gathers favorite music and movies that can be played directly from that page.

Integration with PointClickCare

MemoryWell is the first story tool of its kind and is fully integrated with PointClickCare. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Upload a document to the patient's chart in PointClickCare.


Who Will Save Your Parent's Life Story?

Who Will Save Your Parent's Life Story?

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