RosieConnect 2.0 enables caregivers to chart clinical and vitals data from an expanding platform of point-of-care devices directly in to the PointClickCare Electronic Health Record. The platform greatly improves documentation accuracy, reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and F-tags and increases staff efficiency. RosieConnect 2.0 is HIPAA-compliant, uses Wi-Fi (no server required!), and all data is secured by IBM Watson Insights. Nurse Rosie backs up the RosieConnect 2.0 platform with personalized staff training, around-the clock technical support, and 24/7 system monitoring.




Features and Benefits

Improves Documentation Accuracy

RosieConnect 2.0 transfers clinical and vitals data from an expanding suite of point-of-care devices directly into the PointClickCare Electronic Health Record, eliminating risk of errors.

Reduces Unnecessary Readmissions and F-Tags

Virtually eliminates F-tags and resulting fines from missed or incorrect vitals documentation

Increases Staff Efficiency and Satisfaction

Mobile platform travels room-to-room, collecting and documenting data at bedside. Caregivers can collect and record vitals data in less than two minutes, compared to about six minutes using traditional methods. With that time savings and streamlined process, caregivers have more time for resident observation and interaction, greatly enhancing clinical decision-making and improving job satisfaction.

EHR Connectivity

Transfer clinical data from an expanding suite of Nurse Rosie point-of-care devices wirelessly to the PointClickCare Electronic Health Record.

Data Secured by IBM Watson Insights

All clinical data is secured by IBM Watson Insights™, and the system is fully HIPAA-Compliant.

No Server Needed

The RosieConnect 2.0 system is cloud-based, and only requires a Wi-Fi* connection. * A robust Wi-Fi connection is necessary for API interface

Expanding Suite of Compatible Devices

The RosieConnect 2.0 platform is compatible with an expanding suite of Nurse Rosie devices, including: Vital Signs Monitors Bladder Scanner Tympanic Thermometer Blood Glucose Meter Scales.

Single Login

Easy to use with one single login to the POC software instead of multiple logins.

Integrated with PointClickCare

The RosieConnect 2.0 EHR connectivity platform has one of the first API integrations available with PointClickCare, offering "Instant" transfer of data -- no more lag time waiting for data to transfer to and from PointClickCare. Below are all the connection points to PointClickCare available with RosieConnect 2.0: Retrieve the historical observations and observations baselines; Create blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, height, oxygen saturation, pain level, respirations, temperature, or weight observation for a given patient in PointClickCare; Users can log in using their PointClickCare Credentials, with data access controlled by PointClickCare user privileges; Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare; Retrieve name, role, and settings about the PointClickCare user that is logged in; Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations.