BridgeConnector is a data-driven workflow engine that offers a quick time-to-value, full-service integration to the most popular CRM in the world, Salesforce. By partnering with both PointClickCare and Salesforce, Bridge Connector has pre-built interfaces to automate your workflows and get integrations live in days, not weeks or months. The Bridge Connector full-service integration model handles all of the connections, maintenance, updates, and allows you to outsource your risk, for a simple monthly fee and no upfront implementation costs.

Features and Benefits

Rapid time to value

Our pre-built PointClickCare and Salesforce interfaces get your integrations live in days, automating your workflows and allowing quicker time-to-value.


The Bridge Connector team handles all of your integration complexity, from initial connection to ongoing maintenance and updates.

Lower cost

No upfront implementation cost, no surprise expense down the road. All you pay is a regular, all-inclusive monthly fee.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Create a pending patient record in PointClickCare with basic demographic information.

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