Carefolio is a healthcare engagement application developed with residents and their families in mind. Its broad functionality not only grants users convenient access to important medical information, but also allows for easy comparison and tracking and connects residents, family members, and healthcare providers. Carefolio is now integrated with PointClickCare and enables users to take a more proactive role in residents care.

Features and Benefits


The transition to assuming caregiving roles for loved ones is full of daunting new challenges. Carefolio is not one of them. Easy to use for residents and family members, it allows for the convenient management of relevant contact and medical information under individual resident Profiles.

Resident and Family Engagement

Communication is vital to ensuring residents receive quality care. Carefolio both encourages and facilitates this between residents, family members, and third-party caregivers with its sharing function. This improves users’ engagement in residents’ healthcare, thereby positively impacting satisfaction with quality of care.

Security and Privacy

Facility administrators decide on who is authorized to view patient data. Invitations issued to residents, trusted third-party caregivers and healthcare providers require them to create their own accounts, from which point they may interact with the resident information users entrust to them. This allows for real-time updates to vital stats, direct communication with healthcare providers, and more - all within one secure application.

Reduced Call Volume

With health information always available online, staff spends less time answering routine questions and providing information to families, allowing more time to focus on hands-on caregiving.

Easily Accessible

Families and residents can view up-to-date health data on computers, tablets, and phones.

Current Vitals

View the latest vital measurements recorded by staff.

Vitals Over Time

View changes in vital measurements over time in a convenient chart

Lab Results

Lab and radiology results are always just a few clicks/taps away.

Medicine List

Current and past medications are available for reference, along with the dosage and schedules.

Provider Information

Information about current providers is always available.


Users can verify that contact information is accurate and up-to-date.

Administrative Interface

Staff can use their PointClickCare credentials to sign in to Carefol.io Vitals Administration, where they can easily invite residents and family members to view health information.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Carefolio is directly integrated with PointClickCare, so staff never needs to log in to two applications, or perform double data entry. All information is kept up-to-date in real time. Retrieve the list of allergies (drug, food, substance, environmental or others) for a patient. Allergies include detailed information on the category, type, reaction type, reaction and its status. Retrieve the historical observations and observations baselines. Retrieve a list of medical professionals assigned to a specific patient. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve all medications for a given patient within a certain facility. Retrieve patient's contacts assigned in PointClickCare. Retrieve a list of immunization and vaccine records for a patient. Retrieve diagnostic reports and the observations included for a specified patient. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Retrieve name, role, and settings about the PointClickCare user that is logged in. Retrieve a list of conditions for the patient. Conditions include detailed information about a condition, problem, diagnosis, or other events, situation, issue, or clinical concept that has risen to a level of concern.

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