Carely builds information technology tools that improve the family care experience. Carely Family (TM) enables dedicated communication and planning among a loved one's care circle. Carely Community (TM) links families to the healthcare teams, services, and information that are helping to support them. Start for free.

Features and Benefits

Keep your families happy

By improving your relationship with the care circle around a loved one, you support a family when they need it most.

Relationship Toolkit

Add and share calendar and care feed content with families, and see and respond to events and posts families share with their care teams.

Organization Management

Manage team permissions, billing, and integration settings.

Family Usage Data

Monitor key family metrics, including: check-in, last date of contact, and sentiment information.

Location Dashboard

An overview of all location information including addresses and staff contact information.

Provider Page Management

Customize the information and resources your organization shares with families via the provider pages feature in the family app. Page content updated in real time.

Integration Library

Pull information and data from the tools you’re already using into the Carely Community platform.

Integrated with Carely Family App

Always free for families, Carely Family is the foundation of Carely Community. Carely Family is a social caregiving application that brings families and friends together around the care of a loved one. At critical times, families are able to message, coordinate calendars, and share memorable moments. Carely Community helps organizations create a strong foundation for family communication by leveraging real-time messaging. Care teams can share updates and information directly with families who are using the Carely Family app.

Integrated with PointClickCare

A family portal that works. The collaboration with PointClickCare allows Carely to provide timely and relevant resident care information to families. Data access controlled by PointClickCare user privileges; Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations; Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contact information from PointClickCare.

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