Dina is an AI-powered care coordination platform to help skilled nursing facilities identify high-quality in-home and community-based partners, enable real-time care collaboration, and unlock home-based insights. The web- and mobile-based platform creates a virtual, data-driven experience for the entire care team so they can communicate with each other--and help patients and families stay connected--even though they may not physically be under the same roof. Dina helps professional and family caregivers capture rich and timely data from the home, using AI technology to identify unmet needs and recommend evidence-based interventions, feeding data back to referral sources including your facility when appropriate.

Features and Benefits

Easy-On Experience

Dina’s Customer Success team will create your profile and within minutes you’ll be ready to access a growing network of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and high-performing in-home and social determinant providers.

Get Connected

Collaborate with high-performing providers already on the network, and invite those who haven't yet joined, to build 100% partner coverage and uniform care coordination workflows for your teams.

Engage & Communicate

Start managing patient care communications and your referral process, both at intake and discharge, via a HIPAA-compliant platform. Safely share required documents for streamlined authorizations. Keep patient communication organized in one convenient location.

Monitor & Manage Patient Progress

Send and receive real-time updates when patients have a change in risk, condition, or care setting. Monitor high-risk patients to reduce the likelihood of readmission.

Get Alerts & Recommendations

Put your data to good use! Dina’s digital assistant collects and analyzes patient data, such as MDS assessments, and converts it into actionable insights to ensure patients are receiving the appropriate level of care.

Integrated with PointClickCare

To improve data capture and integration, Dina uses the latest version of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard, FHIR 4.0, the most advanced way to electronically exchange data in real time.

ADT Records

Through our integration with PointClickCare, skilled nursing facilities can retrieve a list of patient admit, transfer and discharge (ADT) record entries. ADT entries include admission, discharge, internal room transfer, death, leave of absence, and primary payer details.

Conditions and Diagnoses

Retrieve a list of conditions and diagnoses, including problems, events, situations, issues, or clinical concepts that have risen to a level of concern, for patients who are part of bundled or value-based programs.


Retrieve information on all medications for a given patient within a certain PCC-partner facility.

Episode of Care

Retrieve a list of episodes of care for patients who are part of bundled or value-based programs.

Patient Demographics

Retrieve up-to-date patient demographic and contact information from PointClickCare.

Real-time Updates from PointClickCare

Receive real-time updates as soon as changes are made to authorized data in PointClickCare.

Partner Details

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