A dominant and powerful solution for CRM and Family Engagement integrated with PointClickCare, CareShare CRM enables all communities to deliver extraordinary experiences for their residents, patients, families, volunteers, and staff while more easily demonstrating compliance with CMS Person-Centered Care. Eliminate manual assignment of recreational activity participants, analyze person-centered activity suitability and relevance, enhance volunteer recruiting, provide volunteer self-scheduling, immediately capture behavioral and inter-personal observations and analyze trends, use automatic exception-based reporting to identify needed 1-on-1 visits, schedule and track maintenance work orders, productivity and costs, provide families with "good news" not just "bad news", automatically document every chosen interaction and increase transparency to drastically reduce unnecessary and expensive legal risks.

Features and Benefits

Automatic Assignment of Activity Participants

Participants are added automatically to scheduled activities based on their personal preferences and stated experiences.

All Interactions are Thoroughly Documented

Every activity, visit, staff, family, or volunteer interaction, delivered care service, and personal requests from family or residents are automatically documented with date and time stamp and participants' names, their notes, and any other observations.

Mobile Data Collection and Dictation

Avoid duplication of effort. No more filling out a paper document and entering it into a computer hours later. Collect data and observations in real-time and keep information fresh and accurate.

Family Communication and Engagement Drives Revenues Through Options

The ability to engage family members whenever and wherever they want through transparent communication and updated information reduces unnecessary legal risk.

Volunteer Recruiting and Self-Scheduling

Build a fleet of Volunteers who can self-schedule. Track hours both on-site and hours participating in activity support. Empower Volunteers to participate where needed and allow them to assume a variety of roles.

Proactive 1-on-1 Visit Planning and Tracking

Help your patients and residents to remain engaged and supported. Help dismember loneliness by knowing how long ago the last 1-on-1 visit occurred. Schedule visits around family availability no matter where they live with electronic engagement. Allow "favorite" volunteers to engage with residents who prefer them.

Track Maintenance Activities, Costs and Productivity

Built-in facility maintenance provides work order tracking and assignment, productivity assessment, proactive and automatic preventive maintenance scheduling, automatic escalation for emergencies, warranty management and tracking, vendor management and tracking costs of maintenance.

Never Let A Request Go Unattended

When a request is made (more bacon for breakfast, another blanket, or whatever) by a patient, resident care provider, or family member it will never again slip through the cracks. You can set escalation rules and communication templates that keep the requestor informed about the status and when satisfied, notifies them that the request has been satisfied.

2-way Integrated & Documented Chat

This unique feature allows 2-way, multi-person communication that is documented in CareShare. It is trackable and auditable and allows posting of documents, pictures, creation of subjects and dialogue with staff, family members and even the residents.

Activity Alignment

When a patient or resident expresses the desire to participate in certain categories of activities, they are automatically added as a participant when a specific activity is scheduled. This eliminates the necessity of adding participants manually or forcing residents or patients to add themselves to an activity.

Mobile Attendance and Real-Time Observation Recording

Attendance can be taken by anyone and observations about behavior or challenges can be dictated into the mobile device and instantly are posted to the individual's record. No more writing down information on paper only to have to repeat its entry into a computer or worse yet lose your notes and thoughts.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports can be created around any data in the database. They can be exception-based so you only report on things not happening as they should. They can be scheduled to run anytime and sent to you over Email. Dashboards can be pictorial representations of your data and are dynamic so they always show current information.

Integrated with PointClickCare

As one of PointClickCare's API integration Partners you can eliminate the duplication of entry which increases the chance for errors and eliminates multiple sources of truth. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve patient's contacts assigned in PointClickCare. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare.

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