Connect PointClickCare with the leading Dietary Tray Card Software, Dietech. Your staff will benefit from time savings with automatic resident updates; including general demographic information, diet orders, and food allergies. Previously entered selective menus and meal pattern items are automatically updated based on changes from PointClickCare. Dietech is the ultimate tray card solution personalized for your facility. We help you get started quickly by entering in your first menu. With PointClickCare integration, resident information is automatically transferred over during the initial startup. Dietech provides detailed tray tickets, production tallies with scaled recipes, nutritional analysis and much more.

Features and Benefits

Meal Tickets

The customized tray tickets shows exactly what the resident should receive for that meal taking consideration their diet and preferences.

Ability to highlight and color key text

Set up in the order that you would like the food/drink items listed according to your internal needs.

Tray Ticket Visualizer

An easy way to view the meal for each individual resident to make sure they are getting their preferred items. Shows modifications from menu cycle.

Tray Ticket Explanation

Gives your employees the information behind why a resident is getting what they get on their tray tickets Shows why an item is changed for a resident based on diet order, adjustments, etc.

Offer Resident's Dinning Choices

The Selective Menu allows a resident to customize their menu every to their preferences. Resident gets to choose what they want, while food and labor costs are kept down.

Centralized Location To View Residents

The Resident Data Grid will list all of the residents that are active or temporarily discharged.

Sort and filter by unit, room, name, diet, age or weight

Navigate with ease; adding in new residents, searching for existing residents, discharging and readmitting within one screen.


Warnings to Staff for missing diet order, weights, tray line assignment, and assessments.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Resident information is automatically updated in Dietech any time a change is made in PointClickCare. As soon as something is updated in PointClickCare, the app is notified and is able to keep all authorized data up to date in real-time. Patients will automatically be updated, admitted, transferred, discharged into Dietech based on PointClickCare. The integration allow allows for the retrieval of basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, and Facility ID and allergies (food, substance, environmental or others) for a patient.


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