Collective Post-Acute is a lightweight technology that gives SNFs and other post-acute providers real-time insight into patient utilization patterns, advance directives, care recommendations and connections to the broader care team. Collective Post-Acute ensures important information about patient transitions between hospitals, accountable care organizations, health plans, and SNFs are communicated directly to providers within their existing workflow, helping to improve care transitions. Through Collective's automatic integration with PointClickCare post-acute providers can quickly and seamlessly gain access to Collective's Network.

Features and Benefits

Patient Tracking

Collective Post-Acute listens for patient activity across the Collective Network and positively identifies patients as they move through the care continuum. This gives users of Collective Post Acute the ability to see patients in real-time as they admit and discharge from facilities outside of their own.

Care Team

The Care Team feature allows users to see care providers and other care team members involved in the care of the patient. With care team you can better organize your patients’ care providers by providing filters for activity status, provider source, and by leveraging specialty tabs for additional organizations.

Risk Analytics

Collective Post-Acute combines historical patient data with real-time clinical data to identify at-risk patients meeting risk criteria such as visit frequency, diagnosis, readmissions, watch groups, and others.


Notifications are messages sent to users in response to risk criteria being met. These messages are carefully curated to include quickly consumable details about a patient’s care team and care history, along with suggestions about how to approach care in the future.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Collective Post-Acute automatically integrates with PointClickCare so post-acute providers can quickly and seamlessly connect to the Collective Network giving instant access to track patients across the care continuum. Retrieve a list of admit, transfer and discharge (ADT) record entries for a patient. ADT entries include actions such as admission, discharge, internal room transfer, death, leave of absence, primary payer details. Retrieve a patient's coverage details. By default, only the current payer tree structure along with informational payers are returned. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Retrieve a list of medical professionals assigned to a specific patient.

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