Episode Connect is Remedy Partners' comprehensive operating system for managing value-based payment programs. Episode Connect provides portals to connect administrators, nurses, physicians, case managers, patients and families. With this HIPAA-compliant software, both acute and post-acute providers are able to see a longitudinal view of their patients.

Features and Benefits

Real-time Patient Identification

Episode Connect gives you access to the full longitudinal patient record for each patient, which allows you to view your patients’ complete 90-day episode beginning with their acute stay, including, acute stay notes, DRG, eligibility status, previous SNF stays and all previous episodes.

Patient Risk Assessments

Machine-learning based readmission risk prediction helps providers identify which patients that have an especially high risk of readmission and allows them to implement targeted readmission reduction interventions for the patients that need it most.

Advanced Decision Support

Evidence-based, decision-support tools such as Care at the Right Location and Post-acute Service Planning tools have been designed to improve patient transitions.

Connecting Healthcare Providers

The integration process links your organization to other upstream and downstream healthcare providers and better position you for value-based healthcare delivery across the entire continuum of care.

Delivering Insights Into Your Patient Data

Episode Connect enables your organization to better understand the structure and quality of your internal clinical and administrative data as well as your organization’s ability to integrate with third-party healthcare organizations.

Providing Visibility into Performance Metrics

Through Remedy Connect, you can access real-time reports to identify and understand your organization’s length of stay, readmission rate, discharge patterns and referral relationships.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Episode Connect automatically integrates with PointClickCare and provides users with the following, retrieve real-time patient demographics and contact information from PointClickCare. Retrieve a list of admission, transfer, and discharge (ADT) record entries for each patient. ADT entries include actions such as admission, discharge, internal room transfer, death, leave of absence and primary payer details. As well as retrieves basic information about your organization's facilities such as an address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations.

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