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The How's Mom™ app is provided by senior care centers to help their families keep up-to-date on loved ones' in senior care. Family contacts stored in PointClickCare can be invited by the senior care center to use How's Mom. Our senior care customers create better customer experiences and improve quality of care through more efficient and personal family connections.

Features and Benefits

Use Family Connections Manager to manage and control family interactions

★ FAMILY CONNECTIONS MANAGER ★ is a web-based management portal for your center's staff to manage your family connections and create new insights into family interactions and satisfaction.

Native How's Mom App for any device

★ The HOW'S MOM™ app ★ helps families quickly adopt and create a self-service "always on" link with your center. Families download How's Mom from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register with a code your facility sends to them.

Easily Maintain an up-to-date Family Contact List

Synch family contacts through our PointClickCare integration to update family details & enable / disable family contacts based on admission / discharge dates.

Share Health Data in our Chart View

Provide residents' health information to authorized family members - such as current medication lists, vitals, conditions and nutrition. Your facility will gain insight into when family contacts login and what specific health data is being accessed, when, and how often.

Schedule Family Visits with Visit Planner

During COVID-19 restrictions, facilities can give families the ability to self-schedule visits to their loved ones while maintaining the limits needed to keep residents and staff safe.

Send Mass Notifications and COVID Alerts

Provide COVID-19 updates and alert families of emergencies, outbreaks, evacuations or important facility events quickly and easily. Send messages in How's Mom, email or SMS text to reach your PointClickCare family contacts without taking up valuable staff time or maintaining family lists.

Get Family Feedback

Collect family reviews of your facility and see feedback in real-time.

Provide Private Contact Details

Provide your families with detailed contact information so they can reach the right person for the right reason. Information is only accessible to families invited to the How's Mom app.


Chart View Health Details in How's Mom

Chart View Health Details in How's Mom

Families can monitor loved one's health information - such as current medication lists, vitals, conditions and nutrition. Get notified when new information is posted and monitor care in real-time.

SafeKeeping Introduction

SafeKeeping Introduction

The How's Mom™ app is provided by your senior care center to help your family communicate with care staff and keep up-to-date on loved ones' medical records - in real-time!

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