Senior care's first and only Family Communications Manager connects your facility with residents families to give never-before-seen insights into family interactions, satisfaction, and care coordination. With a free iOS and Android app, families can access patient care records, exchange messages with staff, review your facility and be notified of major events. In turn, your facility obtains new-found insights into how families use patient care data and what specific information they are seeking. The SafeKeeping platform also allows you to collect and benchmark family satisfaction feedback from reviews and surveys.




Features and Benefits

Family Connection - Family Access to Health Data

Provide residents' health information to authorized family members - such as current medication lists, vitals, ADL’s, conditions, nutrition and progress notes. Families can choose to receive push notifications alerting them to condition changes and can view & monitor upcoming appointments and events.

Family Connection - 2 Way Messaging

Improve family satisfaction with direct messaging between the primary family member and key facility staff. Our in-app messaging lets your staff and families communicate using our smartphones and connected devices. At the same time, Your facility gains searchable archives of family communications without time-consuming EHR data entry.

Family Connection - Mass Alerts

Alert families of emergencies, outbreaks, evacuations or important facility events quickly and easily. Send messages in the app or through SMS text to reach families without taking up valuable staff time or maintaining out-of-date email records.

Insights - ★ Family Five Star ★ Reviews

Collect family reviews of your facility and see feedback in real-time. Quickly identify family concerns needing follow up and monitor your reviews over time to detect any consistent problems. Benchmark your ★ Family Five Star ★ ratings against your competition.

Insights - Family Usage

70% of SafeKeeping users look at the app weekly. Gain insight into what specific health data is being accessed, when, and how often. Manage risk by having critical information needed during times of audit, litigation or other discovery events. Benchmark your family interactions with other facilities to see how you compare.

Insights - CoreQ Surveys

Use the first app-based CoreQ survey to collect family and patient responses and view live survey results. Reduce cost and effort while acquiring immediate and actionable family satisfaction results.




SafeKeeping Introduction

SafeKeeping Introduction

Make Family Connections. Get Satisfaction Insights with senior care’s first and only Family Communications Manager that connects your facility with residents’ families to give never-before-seen insights into family interactions, satisfaction, and care coordination.