Curatess is an integrated telehealth platform designed for care team members to deliver care for seniors. Our organization was incubated out of a multi-location SNF organization so we understand your challenges.  We provide access to see and hear your patient with extensive integration to PointClickCare and realtime diagnostic streaming information - Stethoscope, Pulse Ox, and others, all FDA approved of course. Our extensive EHR and device integration allows care team members to simultaneously view real-time clinical information directly in the telehealth session. Our intelligent collaboration includes clinical workflow initiated telehealth calls and secure messaging for easy and secure patient-centered collaboration.  We minimize your capital investment by not requiring proprietary hardware with a mobile-first design - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Integration with PointClickCare

Our integrated approach delivers the clinical information necessary for a remote clinician to make confident clinical decisions. Active integrations: Single sign-on, patient demographics, coverages (payers), responsible parties, observations (Lab Results), medication lists, allergies, diagnosis, progress notes, immunizations, diagnostics (Vital Signs), user information, and custom forms.

Reduce Return to Hospital

90% of the time when our platform is used to manage a sudden change in condition, the patient is retained in place. Meaning better RTH statistics and retained revenue.

Open Telehealth that Enables the Care Team

We are not a Physician group, we are a Care Delivery Platform that is “open” for any medical professional to use to deliver remote care. Our Open Telehealth offers High Definition (HD) audio and video calling to communicate face-to-face with healthcare providers and family members. Our Open Telehealth is commonly used for change in condition management, specialized cardiac programs, payer care team assessments, wound care assessment, and preadmission screening with your sales team. Open Telehealth means our platform is open for you to use for your business.

Medical Peripheral Integration

Integrates with an FDA approved Bluetooth stethoscope to deliver TRUE DIAGNOSTIC quality sounds to the remote healthcare provider. Blood pressure, pulse oximeter, and other Smart Bluetooth medical devices are additional integrated peripherals.

Intelligent Call Routing

When your patients need help, the Curatess - Care Delivery Platform with Open Telehealth uses our unique intelligent call routing to locate the right healthcare provider on the right device for the telehealth evaluation. We can even prioritize calls to healthcare providers based on previous clinical outcomes.

Secure Messaging

Embedded secure messaging featuring the Curatess Care Chirp alerts for the care team and patient communication, all within the context of the patient and comprehensive health record information. Our secure messaging allows nurses and physicians to easily communicate about patients securely with access to critical health information.

One Experience Across Devices

One easy to use application no matter what device is available. Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android with native apps in the Apple and Google app stores.

Developed with Healthcare Providers

We developed the Curatess - Care Delivery Platform with Open Telehealth with healthcare clinicians to create an intuitive easy to use application that decreases stress and improves clinical outcomes. The application is intuitive and easy to use so training is minimized

No Proprietary Equipment

No proprietary hardware is required, the Curatess - Care Delivery Platform with Open Telehealth operates on any device, allowing your facility or practice to benefit from our platform without a large investment.


Curatess - Care Delivery Platform

Curatess - Care Delivery Platform

Learn how the Curatess Care Delivery Platform with integrated telehealth can improve point of care delivery, retained revenue, and patient outcomes.

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