Curavi Health offers innovative and easy-to-use telemedicine solutions that are customized for post-acute care. Curavi enables caregivers and providers to deliver patient-centered care and can enhance residents well-being and satisfaction by helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and offer the ability to treat-in-place. Practice geriatric care with state-of-the-art technology through Curavi Health's comprehensive after-hours telemedicine solution.

Features and Benefits

Clinical Expertise and Seasoned Experience

Curavi Health has been clinically tested and is a 2012 CMS Innovation Award winner, clinically proven to reduce potentially avoidable hospitalizations in the SNF environment. Backed by UPMC, Curavi has been successfully piloted and tested in multiple different care settings to ensure the product integrates within your staff’s workflow across the care continuum. With over 100 facilities and over 23,000 patient encounters completed, Curavi is one of the most experienced providers in the post-acute space.

Geriatric Psychiatry Consults

In addition to post-acute care providers, Curavi offers specialist consults for geriatric psychiatry. Our geriatric psychiatry service allows patients to receive ongoing care from our board-certified psychiatrist at times that are convenient for the facility. Specialty consults allow patients’ changing needs to be addressed and monitored to save time and transportation costs associated with off-site visits.

On-Demand Reporting

Curavi provides monthly reporting and consulting to all customers to ensure optimal utilization. Reports include: Number of consults, clinical outcomes, facility and unit segmentation.

On-Going Program Support

Curavi has a deep investment in client support services to optimize and ensure the program’s success. Marketing support and brochure templates available to private labels for numerous stakeholders to help your organization thrive in a competitive market.

Tailor-Made Technology Solutions

Curavi telemedicine experts and sales staff create customized solutions fit for each facility’s needs. The team identifies strengths and weaknesses based on personalized needs to create solutions for you.


In addition to telemedicine cart, Curavi provides a compact, on-to-go telemedicine option to be used across the care journey. With CuraviGo, your physician has ability to see and hear the patient, and has access tools to assess vital signs – even perform an EKG. This On-The-Go version of the CuraviCart, will give patient’s access to clinical care in the SNF, ALF, ILF, or CCRC environment – regardless of their condition – spanning the whole care journey.

Clinical Network Versatility

Ensure your facility has medical coverage by a post-acute care specialist when you need it the most. Curavi’s extensive network in 14 states allows you to utilize physicians who specialize in post-acute care. The Curavi platform allows your facility to use own providers (BYOP), utilize our physician network, or a combination of both, to ensure continuity of care. Curavi also provides the option to utilize your own provider network. We ensure your providers are trained, credentialed, and comfortable with the telemedicine platform to allow your own physicians to monitor their own patients.

Integrated with PointClickCare

CuraviCare fully integrates with PointClickCare to quickly effortlessly access clinical data. Look up and manage facilities that use PointClickCare, facility Information, retrieve patient demographic information, utilize patient data from PointClickCare such as, temperature, heart rate, height, weight, and pain level. Choose to sign on with PointClickCare credentials to easily manage your patient’s data.


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