Expand clinical reach using Virtual Exam Room (VER) to connect remote clinicians or specialists. Our telehealth platform is fully integrated with PointClickCare for patient management. Using our VER capability, healthcare providers can overcome the barrier of distance, increase patient access to care, and work more productively. VER provides secure and immediate access to clinical care by connecting remote clinicians to specialists using videoconferencing and simultaneous viewing of diagnostic data and medical images for immediate assessment and clinical decisions. VER-CLINIC is designed for use in remote patient consultations and virtual care examination at SNF/ALFs at the patient bedside. Our end-to-end telehealth solution includes FDA 510k class II cleared telehealth medical devices, Care Central cloud services for patient management, PointClickCare integration, and our VER to bring the entire medical team to the point of care.

Features and Benefits

Care Central Cloud Services

Dictum Health’s Care Central software and cloud services are a cyber-secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform that allows videoconferencing and simultaneous viewing of patient data and medical images and also provides alerts, trends, and analytics. Care Central is intelligent web-enabled software that allows clinicians to access, analyze, and manage diagnostic information without the need for additional installed software.

Virtual Exam Room (VER)

Virtual Exam Room (VER) uses the IDM100 with video conferencing technology to connect providers with patients anytime, anywhere. Like an actual exam room, the VER is completely private using the same clinically accurate medical equipment, while providing secure real-time access to physicians. With the VER, patients can see a clinician, stream diagnostic data, and share medical images.

IDM100 Medical Tablet

The IDM100 FDA 510k class II Medical Tablet is cleared for use in virtual exams or as a standalone medical device, capturing complete vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and medical images. Clinicians conduct complete exams to assess, diagnose, and treat patients at the point of care.


Integrated with PointClickCare, the VER-Clinic telehealth cart expands the power of telepresence to SNF/ALFs. Designed for mobility and ease of use at the point of care, this fully integrated telehealth solution extends the reach of the clinical team by providing comprehensive vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and medical images for immediate diagnostic assessment of a remote patient. Featuring a small footprint, VER-CLINIC is easily maneuvered between rooms or floors and into small spaces. The VER-CLINIC features a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) camera for close patient examination by a remote clinician.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Dictum Health supports industry leading EMR platforms, and our EMR gateway is simple to integrate with existing EMR systems. Dictum Health's EMR gateway is designed to support industry standard APIs with support of HL7 and web services for fast and secure data transfer. Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations. Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare. Create a blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, height, oxygen saturation, pain level, respirations, temperature, or weight observation for a given patient in PointClickCare. Users can log in using their PointClickCare Credentials, with data access controlled by PointClickCare user privileges.


Virtual Exam Room

Virtual Exam Room

Virtual Exam Room (VER) uses the IDM100 with video conferencing technology to connect providers with patients anytime, anywhere. Like an actual exam room ...

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