A fully integrated POS platform designed to be installed in any CCRC, LTC, IL/AL community, Hospital or Rehab Facility. Encompassing every aspect of your business, from point of contact service via handheld tablets to fixed position hybrid POS terminals. VisualTouch can be installed in 100% of your building. Anywhere you want to charge or track products or services, VT allows smooth, easy to use systems to collect data, charge appropriately, engage residents, patients or family members with helpful information through an array of mediums including, online resident portals, kiosks and digital media boards scattered throughout the property. From housekeeping, wellness, dining rooms, quick serve bistro's to resident lifestyle and activities, VisualTouch is the world's leader in Senior Living Point of Sale solutions.

Features and Benefits

Improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase revenue

Flexible meal plans and payment options with fully integrated billing system—gain a competitive advantage by offering choices: meal plans, points, incline/decline accounts, credit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and department charges. One-card access system—provide community-wide convenience for access and purchases, using your existing cards if desired. Specialized on-site services—offer concierge, housekeeping, beauty & barber, and other services. Varied dining venues—include choices like cafes and bistros, as well as fine dining experiences. Convenient retail outlets—provide gift shops, convenience stores, boutiques, and more. Real-time Online reports and management—offer transparency to residents and their families. Fully integrated billing system help you capture all charges, improve revenue, reduce theft, and more. Visual VDS System (Kitchen Display System) helps you increase efficiency in your kitchen

Self Service Kiosk

VisualTouch KIOSK come in many shapes and sizes and can fit any decor.

Table Service Point of Sale

VisualTouch provides the tools your senior living community needs to handle resident reservations, seating, ordering, and delivery with ease. You will be able to impress your residents with a fine dining experience that includes personalized service. Restaurant-style seating system makes a difference: reserve tables, identify open tables and occupied tables at a glance. Process orders by course to pace meal preparation with delivery to the table. Merge tables and checks with ease. Personalized service features, such as birthday alerts and allergy warnings, will improve resident satisfaction. Accept a variety of payment types including meal plans, incline/decline accounts, credit/debit cards, and gift cards. Tableside ordering with wireless handheld tablets allows for personalized streamlined service for residents. Resident order history is just a click away with VisualTouch’s intuitive user interface allowing personalized service.

Casual Dining POS

Casual dining venues, such as cafés, bistros, and coffee shops, are usually favorites with most residents. With VisualTouch, you can eliminate long lines and keep your residents happy using our intuitive POS screen design and lightning-fast transaction processing. Gift Card, Credit Note and Gift Certificate issuance and redemption tracking, with bar coded receipts. Integrated credit and debit authorization through financial institutions and processors across North America. Automatically recognizes item combos when entered as separate items and adjusts prices to reflect combo price. Order parking and quick recall feature allows the line to keep moving and increases throughout. Optional on-screen photo ID for cashier visual verification at point of sale. Intuitive POS screen design gives you a more efficient sales process. Flexible payment options—including meal plans, incline/decline accounts, credit/debit cards, and gift cards—provide convenience. VisualTouch™ POS is always ready when you are! System redundancy capability ensures that if your network goes down, your POS keeps going as a standalone and posts transactions to the server as soon as it becomes available again. Scale items with auto tare at each price level, further enhancing customer throughput. Multiple Company, location and terminal management from the comfort of your office chair. Track client files in house for Meal Plans, Charge/Debit special orders, departmental charges and more.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Visual Touch POS reads all your residents' information from PointClickCare. No more duplicate entry! See below for the list of information that Visual Touch POS will have access to from PointClickCare when you enable the integration: Retrieve the list of allergies (drug, food, substance, environmental or others) for a patient. Allergies include detailed information on the category, type, reaction type, reaction and its status; Retrieves basic information about the organization's facilities - like address, Facility ID, and basic PointClickCare configurations; Returns the list of Active and On Hold Nutrition Orders for a specified patient; Retrieve real-time patient demographic and contacts information from PointClickCare; Retrieve patient's contacts assigned in PointClickCare.

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