PointClickCare Point of Care (POC)


PointClickCare's Point of Care (POC) application is an easy-to-use application that seamlessly integrates with PointClickCare's EHR. It enables front-line clinical care staff to capture and distribute timely, accurate, and complete documentation at the resident bedside. Task lists, schedules, complete documentation, and the ability to receive alerts and messaging all become easily available to your care staff at the bedside. This app is intended to integrate with the PointClickCare EHR platform.

Features and Benefits

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Anytime, anywhere access for front line clinical care staff to key resident information, and with complete documentation at your fingertips care decisions are more easily made.

Task lists and Schedules

Ability to view task lists and schedules thereby making sure nothing is overlooked and no staff overwhelmed.


The ability to receive alerts and messaging all within close proximity to a resident enabling you to quickly take action.

In Real-time

Real-time access to information to support better decisions.


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