PointClickCare Companion empowers care givers with a fast and easy-to-use workflow that unifies the delivery and documentation of services and medication.

Features and Benefits

Unified to-do lists and status

Users can simply scroll through and identify critical action items for each shift, grouped by timing and tasks.

Immediate access to key information

Allows users to access resident information, scheduled and unscheduled services.

Streamlined documentation

Allows end users to document tasks at the point of care and capture the time required to complete the task. Vitals and medication distribution to residents can be easily recorded to ensure the highest possible level of care.

Additional Benefits

When integrated with point of care (POC) and electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) modules, Companion positions senior living communities to enjoy several significant outcomes: an enhanced resident experience: care givers spend more quality time with residents and less time documenting tasks with Companion, enabling immediate information access and the potential of for more personalized service to residents. In addition, improved financial health by easily documenting both planned and unplanned tasks, ensuring you're getting paid for all the services you are providing without having to chase the paperwork. Make Staff Happy and Effective: Attracting staff is hard enough. Offering them the use of tools they like can go a long way to getting and keeping them. Companion empowers staff with critical resident information and easy-to-use tools for distributing medications and documenting services.


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