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With PointClickCare Practitioner Engagement, practitioners and physicians can use their mobile devices to view charts, sign orders, and e-prescribe for residents in care. Practitioner Engagement enables practitioners to make better, more informed patient care decisions by providing them with remote, real-time access to relevant clinical information.

Features and Benefits

Mobile Patient Charts

Practitioner Engagement enables practitioners to access a patient chart anytime, anywhere, and across all facilities within an organization. Increased interoperability provides quicker, easier access to history and trends. For example, in a matter of minutes a physician can use his iPad to follow-up on a patient he prescribed high blood pressure medicine for. Touchscreen technology allows the physician to easily navigate through the patient’s chart to view blood pressure trends for the last seven results or days.

Mobile Physician Encounters

With ready access to document progress notes anytime, anywhere, practitioners can be confident the whole team knows what’s going on, and remains coordinated in the delivery of quality care.

Mobile Order Signatures

PointClickCare’s mobile-enabled, automated order process eliminates error-prone and time-consuming processes based on paper and phone calls. Order processing used to be one of the most challenging operational problems facing long-term care practitioners. To meet compliance requirements, practitioners had to co-sign telephone and verbal orders, and complete the order processing cycle by making a special trip to the facilities to provide a ‘wet signature’ on reams of paper. Now practitioners can review and electronically bulk sign telephone and verbal orders with a touch of a button using our HIPAA-compliant mobile application for Practitioner Engagement.


Practitioners are finally getting an EHR-integrated capability to ePrescribe non-controlled substances from a mobile device. And through ePrescribing resident safety and care quality can be improved, and the overall efficiency of the medication management process enhanced by eliminating inefficient workflows and manual paperwork.


Provide e-Signatures for telephone and verbal orders, sign once for multiple patients


Keep up to date on important patient changes with the notification stream.

Monthly Order Reviews

Complete monthly order reviews on your mobile device.

Review Results

Review laboratory, radiology, and vitals results on your mobile device.

Controlled Substances

Sign or create controlled substance orders (requires token device for 2 factor authentication).

Faster Response Times

Mobile access to patient charts allows for faster response times.


Create notes or add follow-ups quickly and easily.

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