The PointClickCare Secure Conversations application seamlessly integrates with the PointClickCare SaaS-based senior care platform. It provides clinicians with anytime access and communication with other care teams as it relates to patient care or general questions for overall improved decision making within Senior Living Environments. Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can securely and conveniently message other physicians, nurses and other staff members. The Secure Conversations messaging is HIPAA-compliant.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced Communication

Enhance communication and collaboration among care team members.

Faster Response Times

Achieve faster response times between healthcare professionals through patient centric or general conversations.

Resident-centric Conversations

Ability to have resident-centric conversations or send non-resident-centric in a HIPPA-compliant manner.


Ability to share a photo/image within a secure message when required.

Company Directory

Access company directory to search contacts to connect with care team members when you need them.


PointClickCare Secure Conversations

PointClickCare Secure Conversations

PointClickCare and TigerConnect bring Integrated Secure Text Messaging to Electronic Health Records PointClickCare Secure Conversations is the senior care.

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