PointClickCare's Skin and Wound solution improves the efficiency of clinical decision making by enabling automated wound assessments, capturing images, and eliminating handwritten or redundant documentation. Wound measurement results are as easy as taking a photo. The resident record is automatically updated, ensuring more accurate and complete documentation is available to every member of the care team. This app is intended to integrate with the PointClickCare EHR platform. If you are not a current PointClickCare client but would like this solution, we suggest you contact PointClickCare or visit Swift Wound in the App store.

Features and Benefits

Identify Residents at Risk

The PointClickCare Skin and Wound app alows for the identification residents that are at-risk.

Non-contact Measurements

Non-contact measurements and staging of wounds via a handheld device.

Wound Images

Record and track the wound changes via images.

Graphical Trending

This app allows for graphical trending of wound changes over time.

Decrease Compliance Issues

The reduction of compliance issues by having the right data at your finger tips.

Reduce Errors

The elimination of error-prone, paper-based processes by switching to a mobile device for wound tracking.

Standardized Assessments

Ability to complete standardized assessments quickly at the residents bedside.

MDS Section M

With the click of a button auto-population of MDS Section M questions.


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