A clinical documentation solution with built-in instant dictation. Dictate instant new notes, file them directly into PointClickCare, and access past notes using your voice and an iPhone. Mili, the virtual assistant, turns datapoints into actionable information and helps providers make smarter clinical decisions at the point-of-care.




Features and Benefits

Rapid adoption by busy providers

MDLog is easy to learn. Can be used out of the box. Complete training: one 45-minute session. Single-field documentation for simpler operation.

Quickly customizable

Custom templates configured in one day. No lengthy coding/development cycle. Any specialty. Saves time on notetaking.

Smarter clinical decisions at point-of-care

MDLog learns quickly through machine learning. Understands physician’s voice better with each use. Quickly provides analysis of patient condition.

Portable, cloud-based technology

MDLog goes anywhere and everywhere there is internet access.

Saves time and money

Providers reduce time documenting encounters, get their lives back. Cutting-edge technology. No more expensive dictation or scribe services.

Seamless interface

From MDLog, PointClickCare is instantly updated and accurate. Information also instantly downloads from PCC to MDLog.

Easy to use

Speak a complete note into PointClickCare's EMR with MDLog. Move between and within fields with just a spoken command. Complete and file the note from the palm of your hand. All you need is your voice and an iPhone: Can be used as soon as it's downloaded; Single-field dictation works with your workflow; Total training time is one 45-minute session; Works very well with regional and international accents; Machine Learning capability helps MDLog understand provider's voice better with each use.

Mili - The virtual assistant

Turns datapoints into actionable information. Make smarter clinical decisions at point-of-care. Click on Mili. Speak your request using natural language. Mili instantly plots the datapoints for you.

Clinical documentation management

Dictate instant new notes and access past notes (medical history) from the palm of your hand. Use your voice to move between and within fields. Add, adjust or change easily. Access past notes (medical history) from the palm of your hand easily.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Enter patient info (name, diagnoses, medications, allergies, immunizations, labs, vitals) into PCC. Information is instantly accessible in MDLog. Enter an encounter note (chief complaint, HPI, exam, assessments/plans) into MDLog using your voice and an iPhone. File it and send it, instantly accessible in PCC. Readmit and discharge patients in MDLog, information passed to PCC.

Built-in help

Speak "What can I say?" No need to search elsewhere. No need for paper manual or tech support.

Voice Macros

With a short voice command, you can insert customized templates of any length. Can then alter, change or add to what appears, if you want. Example: "Insert normal exam"