iCaria Health is a family engagement app that enables families to better monitor and care for their elderly and engage with caregivers and service providers. The app provides self-service tracking of health condition, improves adherence to discharge instructions, treatment plans, and medications as well as enables enrollment in health and wellness programs. With iCaria Health you can reduce your risk of negligence citation due to miscommunication with family members, easily cope with infectious diseases like coronavirus or influenza, and improve resident family satisfaction. iCaria’s smart assistant, iRis, enables self-service family engagement that reduces the load on your frontline staff while providing secure communication with families on their loved ones’ medical condition, ADLs and much more. The app complements PointClickCare’s EHR and their Harmony Insights offerings.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Risk

Facilities reduce risk of infectious diseases caused by unnecessary visitations and citations due to improper communication. Hospitals reduce risk of readmissions and exceeding length of stay through improved adherence to treatment and close condition monitoring.

Improve Outcomes

Facilities lower demand on staff, improve family satisfaction, and enable broadcast of critical messages to staff and families. Hospitals track discharged patients, simplify communications, and enable secure timely messaging with facilities, staff and families.

Generate Revenue

Facilities can generate additional monthly revenue with premium membership charges for families. Hospitals can reduce total treatment days and readmission penalties through better monitoring and adherence to treatments.

Seamless Onboarding

iCaria’s guided onboarding experience walks new users through the process of self-identification, elderly resident facility selection, and elderly family member connections.

Smart Health Summary

iCaria’s smart health at a glance with iRis, the smart assistant, allows family members to get a quick summary of the elderly health condition in simple, comprehensive, and easy to understand language. Users can also access vitals, medications, as well as other facility-tracked daily updates. The resident or the resident’s authorized primary contact must consent to any data access by family members and other professionals.

Continuous Health Feed

iCaria’s health feed keeps the family and the care team informed of the latest updates, progress notes, and therapy notes. Facility staff have full control over what is shown in the family health feed. Family members can post their own updates and photos.

Secure Messaging

Using the iRis companion application, users can exchange secure messages with other family members, friends, members of the care team and service professionals. iRis is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Directory Search

Using either the iCaria Health website or iCaria app, users can search for and browse organization and facility profiles, nearby hospitals, professional staff profiles, published articles, events and community updates.

News Broadcasting

Using either organization, facility, or professional news feeds and profiles, you can keep your followers up to date on latest news, recommendations, and public events and updates. Critical updates sends notifications to users.

Locate and View Patients

With every iCaria deployment, providers get full access to iCaria Locator free companion web solution. Facility staff, providers, and hospital case managers can now access to their patients’ current location and charts. Never again lose track of your patients no matter where they are in the care continuum. All access is authenticated and consents for data access are verified.


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