Writi Virtual Healthcare


Writi Virtual Healthcare is a telemedicine platform that supports resident care across all senior care disciplines, including nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and allied health. Our platform supports users with cloud-based document sharing, including resident notes, prescriptions, and charting; and audio & video calling from iOS, Android, and web-browsers, allowing the care team to securely work from anywhere. Within Writi Virtual Healthcare, users can access and interface with existing PointClickCare workflows. Writi is uniquely built to the specific regulatory and best practice requirements in senior care to manage order processing, including verbal orders, care planning, consent, and additional tasks.

Features and Benefits

Senior Care Focus

Customized to improve compliance within LTC and retirement living. Eliminate inconsistent and paper-based records and track pending and completed nursing tasks like consent, verbal orders, care planning, and more.

Billing Integration

Writi supports virtual healthcare billing codes to allow clinicians to easily manage scheduling and record-keeping.


Secure user access through multi-factor authentication, industry-standard encryption for real-time communications, and PHIPA/PIPEDA compliant access and storage of personal health information.

Integrated and Digitized Records

Access patient charting, notes, documents, and prescriptions; while integrating information across multiple EHRs including PointClickCare to pharmacy information services, for a complete resident health record.


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