EQ Vitality monitors the brain health of seniors in an ongoing, proactive way. The FDA-cleared platform makes testing enjoyable for senior residents, as the neurologic tests have been adapted as easy-to-use mobile games. Since decline in seniors’ cognition, mental health and balance can occur gradually, often coming to light due to an unfortunate incident, EQ Vitality allows for earlier identification and intervention. With ongoing testing, caregivers can monitor and assess data over time to identify concerning trends. Traditional neurologic testing can be tedious, daunting and complicated, whereas EQ Vitality can be installed on the resident’s or caregiver’s phone/tablet (iOS and Android) for simple, fun, gamified tests that are completed in just minutes.

Features and Benefits

Clinically validated

Turns an iOS or Android phone or tablet into a medical device. FDA Cleared (510k), CE Mark certified (EU) and utilized in 29 countries. Clinically-derived tests, backed by global leaders in the neurosciences and clinical medicine.

Patient engagement

EQ Vitality tests are quick, easy, and fun. They are clinical tests hidden as simple games. No medical terminology, no wearables, no stress. Just games.

Cognitive testing

Five cognitive tests measure executive function, memory and processing speed.

Balance assessment

EQ Vitality uses the accelerometer within a standard phone or tablet to get periodic assessments of balance and help to prevent falls.

Well-being Assessment

Inclusion of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale to better understand the resident's mindset.


Dr  Sanjeev Sharma  - How EQ Came to Be

Dr Sanjeev Sharma - How EQ Came to Be

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