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Consensus is offered by J2 Global — the leader in digital cloud faxing — with eFax Corporate, the largest enterprise-grade cloud-fax solution that has also earned HITRUST CSF Certification. Consensus, connected by Kno2, is integrated with PointClickCare to offer a better fax solution that streamlines your document organization workflows

Features and Benefits

Get Better Fax for Healthcare

Consensus, eFax Corporate’s HIPAA secure cloud fax solution brings your fax processes into alignment with the healthcare industry’s strictest data security standards. Consensus allows you to receive all inbound faxes into one consolidated inbox, delete, reorder, or parse multiple pages by patient or document for improved filing into the resident chart in PointClickCare. Take manual labor out of your daily exchange workflows, start using Consensus for Healthcare.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Keep your PHI secure and your organization’s operations on the right side of privacy regulations. As a HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST faxing solution, Consensus is designed to ensure that patient records are encrypted and travel securely in and out of your organization and that the data is accessible only to other validated healthcare participants.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Consensus, connected by Kno2, is directly integrated to PointClickCare to make your faxing and document management workflows more efficient. This integration allows PointClickCare users to match documents to the associated resident and download directly to that resident chart. This enhanced functionality removes a number of steps that are necessary in traditional paper-based and unintegrated fax workflows, reducing administrative labor and allowing your team to have more time with their residents.

Enhance Your Referrals with Direct Messaging

Your Consensus account also comes with a Direct address and access to a National Provider Directory, which has listings for nearly one million providers along with the best and most interoperable way to communicate with each. Not only can you send and receive C-CDAs via Direct secure messaging, but you can add other critical information from your resident’s chart with integrated faxing. While the C-CDA provides a common set of data, there are many other dynamic data elements that provide a complete record of your resident’s care, such as care plans, risk assessments and follow-up care.

Connect to Local, State and National Health Exchanges

Providing true interoperability means moving beyond point-to-point connections and getting access to important resident data across the care setting. Through Consensus, you can be connected to your community exchange, state-wide HIEs, referral networks and all the providers within those exchanges. Data sent and received from other exchanges is easy to view, process and integrate into PointClickCare. This connectivity contributes to meeting CMS requirements like PDPM, and commercial payer requirements of connecting to HIEs and networks.

Support Value-Based Care with Electronic Exchange

Easily participate in value-based care programs, such as bundled payment models, by keeping the cost of care down and increasing the quality of care. Transitions of care that are connected through paper-based or phone call communications, can be error prone – leading to a lack of care coordination, increased expenses and poor outcomes...not to mention your resident’s dissatisfaction. Consensus can seamlessly bridge that communication by receiving cloud faxes or Direct messages that can identify any concerning gaps leading to better health outcomes. Consensus can also support additional CMS requirements like PDPM so you can have a more complete patient record to assess acuity for accurate resident classification.

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