Bridge Connector offers a full-service integraton solution, connecting PointClickCare to other mission-critical systems in healthcare settings. Our library of pre-built connectors gets integrations live quickly to automate your workflows and create new efficiencies. We build, manage and maintain your integrations, allowing you to outsource the work and risk - for a simple monthly fee and no upfront implementation costs.

Features and Benefits

Full-Service Solution

The Bridge Connector team handles all of your integration complexity, from initial scoping and building to ongoing maintenance and updates. Receive support engaging vendors in the initial integration process and ongoing, so your team can stay focused on business challenges without getting bogged down in the technical aspects of integrations.

Rapid Time-to-Value

Our library of pre-built connectors get your integrations live in days, automating your workflows and allowing quicker time-to-value.

Low Cost of Ownership

No implementation or surprise maintenance fees. Just a simple, predictable monthly fee.

Deployment at Scale

Integrations are repeatable once built, allowing for rapid deployment at scale across widespread customer bases

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