CareStory provides each resident with a profile displayed as a beautiful quick fact page, with care instruction videos, care preferences, personalized music, a life history video from the family, an overview of their life with some key highlights as well as video messages from family members or caregivers. Caregivers use the app to scan a secure QR code. Upon scanning, the resident’s profile displays. The CareStory app allows family members to share background information about the resident. Staff can input the residents’ unique care preferences. The app is dynamic; staff and family members work together to update the profile according to the changing care preferences. Like a care plan, but live and asynchronous. These changes are subsequently highlighted for all caregivers who have interacted with that specific resident.

Features and Benefits

Family Engagement

Engaging resident families to provide all relevant information to the platform for caregivers to use. From general Care Preferences to the resident's life history, hobbies, and more.

Caregivers Just-in-time Access

Caregivers gain instant access to crucial information about possible triggers and care preferences right on their handheld devices and right when they need it with a simple and quick scan of an encrypted QR code that LTC staff can print and place freely.

Asynchronous Video Messaging

Family members can upload videos for caregivers to play to residents, and caregivers can upload videos of the resident and send back to the family.

Care Preferences and Social History

Care preferences and social information that is not being captured in the EMR/EHR system can be captured here, including habits, daily routines, and supporting tools to be aware of. For example, walker, cane, compression socks, etc.

Music Therapy

Family members and Caregivers can pick the resident's favorite music from Youtube and allow caregivers to playback on their handheld devices to the residents as a music therapy option.

Life History

Family members can upload images, videos, and write stories about the residents, and all information is presented in an easy to read timeline format.

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