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Endur ID’s Simple and Secure IDSS, is a standalone identification system that is integrated into PointClickCare. IDSS Identification kit was developed to meet the needs of those who need a method to create dynamic Resident Identification Wristbands that include advanced features such as Bar Coding, Photos and Color-Coded Warnings and Alerts. IDSS is formatted with multiple Endur ID templates. Simply choose the wristband type that best meets your facility’s needs. Simply enter the demographic data, save, and print wristbands. Printed wristbands are waterproof and resistant. Endur ID wristband media is PVC and latex free. IDSS is cloud based and completely integrated into Point Click Care. IDSS stores all saved wristbands making replacement bands easy to reprint.

Features and Benefits

Total Identification Solution

Endur ID’s IDSS identification software provides your facility with a comprehensive wristband solution fully integrated with PointClickCare. Simply perform a patient search and print waterproof and durable wristbands with patient information, photograph, alerts and risk factors (now including Covid-19), facility name and location for wandering residents, and emergency contact information.

Pre-formatted Wristband Layouts

IDSS conveniently includes 5 pre-formatted wristband layouts for any use case, with options with labels for patient belongings, lab samples, or medication management. Saved wristbands can be quickly re-printed.

Easy to Install

No IT support needed. Designed for simplicity and intuitive operation.

Simple Monthly Fee Structure

No contract required.

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