SeniorWell is a nationwide provider for on-site healthcare in Senior Living Communities. SeniorWell specializes in four services: Podiatry, Optometry, Audiology, and Dentistry. SeniorWell provides care in each of these modalities that include screenings, examinations, diagnostic testing, and patient education to support the prevention of illnesses and disease for best health outcomes. Additionally, SeniorWell makes customized prosthetics (glasses, hearing aids, and dentures) in our in-house lab.

Features and Benefits

Accessible, mobile, in -person healthcare services

SeniorWell’s healthcare delivery model focuses on the accessibility of quality healthcare to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Independent Living facilities.

Audiology Services

Including: Otoscopic exams; Tympanometry; Cerumen removal; Air, bone, and speech testing

Dentistry Services

Including: Initial exam & cleanings; treatment of sores; dentures - full and partial; refit, reline and/or repair dentures

Optometry Services

Including: Visual acuity tests; visual field tests; eye refractions; fabrication and fitting of glasses

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