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ForaHealthyMe Intelligent Virtual Care Solution empowers health providers with a combination of validated virtual care models to address Musculoskeletal, Neurological & Cognitive Health Care. The platform supports patients with complex chronic illnesses & during acute care. Applications are used by the health team including primary care, occupational therapist, surgical team, physiotherapist to remotely manage patients. Tools include gamified 3D Virtual Coaching avatars that simulate human motion and stimulate physical activity. Rehab Modules include assessments for Hip Abduction, Gait, Squats, Knee Raises, Balance Error Scoring, Sway and Balance. The platform delivers integrated care provider & patient management workflows, telehealth, tele-rehab technology, education, assessment, disease management, and health informatics data for decision making.

Features and Benefits

Chronic and Acute Care Patient Management Solutions

ForaHealthyMe Intelligent Virtual Care Solutions empower providers with tools including telehealth, tele-rehab technology to make data-driven decisions in the areas of Musculoskeletal, Neurological & Cognitive Health Care. Patients use our gamified 3D Virtual Coaching avatars that simulate human range of motion and stimulate physical activity. Tools and applications enable remote rehab, virtual coaching and patient screening to assess balance and sway for patients prone to falls. The in-hospital care team and out-patient providers can remotely assess patient range of motion during the pre-op and post-op phases of care.

Gamified Solutions for Fall Prevention and Rehab Assessments

Injuries from falls among seniors exact a high cost to individuals, both to their personal health and their long-term mobility. Overall, the ForaHealthyMe Intelligent Virtual Care System complements the support delivered by a physical therapist. Rehab Modules include assessments for 30 second sit/stand, Hip Abduction, Gait, Squats, Knee Raises, Balance Error Scoring, Sway and Balance. Our virtual care solutions can be deployed as part of a strategic healthy living, resident management and monitoring program. With a single log in, a health provider, such as an Occupational Therapist, has access to a suite of patient/provider virtual care solutions, range of motion assessments, health informatics data for decision making and disease management.

Telehealth and Patient Management Solutions

Using a suite of virtual care and video-based tools, the platform facilitates enhanced connectivity between LTC homes, the resident’s caregiver and healthcare treatment institutions. For instance, the platform includes multi-site connectivity for virtual calls. This means various centers can facilitate cross specialty consults, facilitate peer to peer sessions for staff and for residents, address un-necessary ER visits and reduce costs and travel for a Physiotherapist or an Occupational Therapist.

Mental Health & Cognitive Impairment Assessment Solutions

Increasingly mental health issues, specifically symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety, have been shown to contribute to increased health service utilization and decreased quality of life. Targeting these issues through programs such as Internet Cognitive Based Therapy (ICBT) has been shown to improve outcomes. During the continuum, patients face mental health, cognitive impairment. Our solution enables a virtual care team of professionals to use a technology-enabled collaborative care model to address physical health and mental needs such as stress, anxiety, depression, nutrition, and physical activity.

Microsoft Azure Cloud-based Secured Solutions

ForaHealthyMe Inc. is a Microsoft partner. All ForaHealthyMe applications run on Microsoft’s secure ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 compliant cloud servers. All data are secured on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud solution which complies with Canadian and global PHI and security protocols such as HIPPA and GDPR. The solution enabled multi-factor authentication, privacy protection and is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. Data gathered is stored in Canada. ForaHealthyMe deploys combinations of preventive and defensive controls to help protect against unauthorized access.

Integrated with PointClickCare

All care plans, demographic, nutrition, admissions data are shared between the ForaHealthyMe system and PointClickCare. Data including video, generated from range of motion activities and other assessments is shared securely within PointClickCare. This data becomes a part of the residents’ health record and can be accessed by health teams across multiple treatment centers.


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