iGlucose® Blood Glucose Monitoring System


The secure iGlucose System consists of a single patent use meter for each patient, test strips, control solution, charging cable, and cellular capabilities for immediate transmission of blood glucose test results. The cellular connectivity offers streamlined documentation of patient results. The portal’s intuitive user interface gives providers access to patient data without entering the facility. It includes critical parameter alerts, trends view, and a dashboard for viewing patient and population data. The portal also maintains activity logs suitable for billing for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management CPT® codes.

Features and Benefits

Improve Patient Care

Quick identification of high/low glucose trends; physicians can remotely access patient results to take corrective measures and avoid hospitalizations.

Lower Operating Costs

Reduced manual records and meter disinfection cycles. One-click population management drives focus on the patients needing help.

Improve Workflow

Reduced manual record‐keeping and no transferring of information to the EMR is needed.

Improve billing efficiency

Remote patient monitoring data is automatically captured which allows physicians to bill for remote viewing and management of patient results.


iGlucose Patient Video  -  Checking Your Blood Glucose

iGlucose Patient Video - Checking Your Blood Glucose

The iGlucose cellular connected blood glucose meter by Smart Meter is an easy to use diabetes solution that immediately transmits blood glucose readings to cloud using cellular connected technology.. The user simply tests and reading are immediately sent to the cloud, the clinician portal and the EHR. No Bluetooth pairing, cables or docking stations are required. Connected Care allows clinicians to make decisions in real time. Special high and low blood glucose alerts notify clinicians of critically out of range patients. The iGlucose system, helps remotely manage patients in real-time

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