SparxConnect by Emmetros Ltd.



The SparxConnect engagement and collaboration platform efficiently empowers care teams to personalize the end-to-end care experience for residents and families, while giving leadership visibility into exceptional examples of care that are worthy of acknowledgement.

Features and Benefits

Give families the peace of mind they're looking for

The Day feature shows families today was a good day. 1) Easily coordinate and include links to video visits. 2) Keep everyone in the loop about scheduled activities and events. 3) Share videos, photos, and messages that will mean the world and be viewed over and over. 4) Give families a way to meaningfully acknowledge the great work done by the care team.

Exceptional care begins with exceptional insights

The Albums feature gives families a way to meaningfully contribute to the care experience. 1) Bring calm during difficult times with loving video messages and music shared by family. 2) Give families a way to share life and preference details about what matters most. 3) Give staff an easy way to make every resident feel special - even if it's the first time they've met!

Onboard, Integrate, Collaborate.

With your permission, the Care feature gives the people who know a better way to support the people who don't. 1) Offer your team a secure way to collaborate behind the scenes. 2) Give external care providers a way to share updates and information. 3) Share valuable resources with your caregivers and receive a notification when they have been viewed. 4) Give new team members person-centered care details that make them feel confident right from day one.

Own the communication channel between staff and the external care circle

The permissioned Chat feature securely streamlines communications. 1) With your permission, your team can chat directly with external care practitioners about an individual resident. 2) Give your team an efficient way to collaborate with integrated team members. 3) Offer your team a quick way to get answers from external people who know.

Unlock your potential

Confidently make strategy decisions with access to actionable data-driven insights. 1) Receive regular reports on the value of increased collaboration and engagement. 2) Measure your increased capacity to impress and delight residents, families, and staff. 3) Identify opportunities to deepen trust and enhance relationships with families and external care practitioners.

Sophisticated PointClickCare Integration

The best integrations are seamless and add significant value. 1) Eliminate setup administration with auto-generated resident-centered "circles". 2) Auto-created staff and resident profiles give those in the "circle of care" a way to build trust quickly. 3) ...and single sign-on functionality (of course!)

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