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Jubo’s FamilyLine is a web-based engagement platform that streamlines communication between care facilities and families. Staff and families are now able to keep a real-time connection by using our platform’s health summary reports and user-friendly scheduling system to arrange physical and virtual visits. Our fully secured and HIPAA-compliant platform seamlessly integrates with the PointClickCare database as well as with various communication channels including email, video conferencing software tools and other emerging software.

Features and Benefits

Family Contact Lists - Integrated with PointClickCare

Jubo has partnered with PointClickCare to simplify the registration process. When a family’s new contact detail is added to our platform (e.g., email address, phone number, WhatsApp or Skype ID), the system automatically updates with the PointClickCare database, ensuring information transparency and avoiding any contact detail duplication or mix up.

Real-time Data Integration

FamilyLine automatically integrates all residents’ data related to health indicators and vital signs, including body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, among others, to keep families updated and reassured. Our service is able to establish an efficient information flow between care facilities and families, providing up-to-date health summaries without creating extra work for the care team.

Content Templates & Automated Messages

By using our ready-made templates and custom messages, you can easily contact and communicate with the resident’s family members concerning the health status of their loved ones. Receive reports and instant updates on the resident’s daily vital signs through our fully secured and HIPAA-compliant platform. Save time by using our automated messaging system and streamlined communication that connects care staff, residents and family members. - Schedule messages to be sent automatically or manually. - [Coming soon] Multimedia format templates including text and images. - [Coming soon] Multilingual support.

No Download Required – Family Connections Management

Tired of constant updates and downloads? Let us help you make it all easier. With our hassle-free service plan, staff is one click away from a centralized web-based management platform which allows professionals to view and manage family integrations. Our FamilyLine solution is proven to have efficiently improved workflow and increased customer satisfaction.

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