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Jubo Health Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of aging technology solutions across Asia and North America. We're passionate about enhancing the aging care experience. Jubo integrates innovative solutions like IoT, AI, data science and more to create a connected ecosystem that empowers people with the technology and information they need when they need it.

Features and Benefits

Save more time with VitalLink

VitalLink empowers frontline care staff to quickly and accurately take vital patient measurements using Bluetooth-enabled tools, including thermometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors and more, automating the upload of vital statistics to aggregate and monitor patient health data.

Stay connected with FamilyLine

FamilyLine simplifies communication between care facilities and resident families using a real-time connection. FamilyLine allows families to view their loved one's health summary report, daily activities, nutrition and availability to schedule in-person and virtual visits, freeing up valuable time for care staff to do what they do best.

Get more done with ease

The VitalLink and FamilyLine applications are easy to use and offer customizable options to fit your business needs. You can change the measurements and set a vital measurement threshold so alerts will only go off when necessary or notify you about significant changes in data, like blood pressure readings or blood glucose levels, individualized for each patient. Our user interfaces are intuitive, metric/imperial conversion-friendly and multilingual to support care facility and patient needs no matter where you are and your preferred language.

Real-time data integration with PointClickCare

We're proud to partner with PointClickCare (PCC). Our VitalLink and FamilyLine seamlessly sync data with PCC, allowing efficient data and information flow between care facilities and families, providing up-to-date health summaries, patient contact records and more without creating extra work for the care team.

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