Fully Managed Stay Open Digital Screening & Vaccination Tracking


Fully Managed Stay Open provides a 360 degree view of the health and safety of residents, staff and visitors. The digital platform helps senior care organizations automate critical screening processes at their facilities – supporting enhanced infection control measures, minimizing risk and streamlining manual tasks that take time away from providing care and services to residents. The platform pulls in information from relevant federal, state/province and local agencies to ensure that your practices comply with the latest guidance. Dashboard analytics make it easy to understand the data you gather internally, while bonus data on COVID/other viruses in the community provide additional context.

Features and Benefits

Digital screening & real-time notifications

Automated real-time check-in/check-out process gathers data easily and efficiently for staff & visitors. Automated, real-time notifications via text (SMS) and email for screening red flags. Opportunity to digitally gather feedback and suggestions on safety measures with efficient check-out process.

Enhanced staff check-in

Convenient advanced screening & check-in option for staff improves efficiency and shift-change delays.

Latest guidance

Stay current with federal, state/province, and local guidelines and regulations - customized for your location and pulled automatically for you

Easy-to-understand analytics

Helpful dashboard analytics provide insight into the data you gather at your facility, as well as context when combined with data from the surrounding community. Highlights areas of potential concern and notifies you with real-time warnings and risk ratings.

Easier, faster reporting and compliance

No more compiling reports from manual log book entries. Processes and checklists are digitized for more efficient data collection and analysis - making compliance reporting easier and faster.

Exposure management & vaccine tracking

Integrations with PointClickCare, Microsoft 365 Outlook and time and attendance systems, enhance exposure management capabilities. Platform also supports vaccination tracking for staff.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Stay Open pulls relevant resident and family data from PointClickCare into the application, alleviating the need for manual data entry, improving data accuracy and enhancing exposure management capabilities.


Stay Open Full Demo

Stay Open Full Demo

View our Demo on our Stay Open Digital Infection Control & Compliance platform. Discover how easy it can be to minimize risk at your facility, and reduce manual, administrative tasks that detract from providing care. The platform helps organizations prioritize safety for residents and staff, as they continue to deal with challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how you can: • Streamline data gathering with configurable digital questionnaires for staff and visitors (including temperature data) • Easily support compliance and reporting • Track vaccination and COVID testing • Benefit from easy-to-understand analytics that give you critical data insights • Be better prepared with real-time warnings and risk ratings to alert you to potential issues • Enhance exposure reporting capabilities, and • Reduce time-consuming manual tasks and devote more time to care Stay Open was designed to address the immediate challenges of the pandemic, but will also help senior care organizations be better equipped to support infection control and compliance in the future.

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