Complete Dietary Management solution with Menus, procurement, patient data, nutrition analysis. Operating platform for -Menu Planning with seasonal menus included 2-4 times per year -Procurement through DSSI, Procurement Partners and broadline food distributors -Production/Pre-prep guides and detailed/tested recipes -Tablet/handheld device app for patient/resident menu selections and preferences -Tablet/handhelds app for inventory and ordering -Traycards, Individualized Selective Menus, Snack/Supplement labels, Snack Cart reports, Individualized Analysis and intake reports. -Organization wide reporting and analysis -Web/Browser based SaaS -Organization wide customization including layouts, fonts, colors, logos -Online support "We solve the problem and then tell you how so you know for the future but can keep moving forward."

Features and Benefits

Cycle Menus - Select and Non-select

We provide seasonal Cycle Menus every 6 months based on region and budget. Cycles can be days, weeks or months depending on client needs.

Procurement - Tablet Features

We work with many different food distributors and procurement companies and have tools for managing product specification, inventory and ordering. Don't lose your menus when you decide to go to another food vendor. Tablet based inventory/order in one screen.


All data from the menus and patient preferences and substitutions and menu selections is calculated in pre-prep guides, production guides and recipes in real time.


Patient data is transferred from PointClickCare via app API's to populate the patient and clinical sections. Census is maintained based on the ADT webhooks in real time. Food allergies recalculate the menu items automatically.

Individualized Selective Menus and Tablet input

Patients' individual menus are available with substitutions and additions. Tablet interface for inputting their selections in real-time. Print Traycards to the Kitchen. COVID-19 best practices.

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