CureCompanion's integrated hardware and software solutions enable physicians to conduct detailed medical exams virtually. Along with a secure video call, the doctor can listen to the patient's heart and lung sounds, examine skin, eyes, ears, throat, and get key vitals and diagnostics of the patient, such as blood pressure, SpO2, 12-lead ECG, blood glucose, and lung capacity. Our system also stores and displays lab reports and medical history, so the doctor gets a full virtual picture of the patient.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Hospital Readmissions by up to 80%

By assessing and examining residents virtually in detail, your physicians will be better equipped to judge whether a patient really needs to be transferred to the ER. CureCompanion's telemedicine solution has been proven to help long-term care facilities reduce hospital readmissions by up to 80%.

Easy-to-Use Application for Long-term Care

We have worked diligently with long-term care facilities to perfect telemedicine workflows that suit them best. The CureCompanion software is uniquely designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, allowing your nursing staff to get connected with your own doctors on crystal clear HD video calls, with the fewest number of clicks.

Appointments, Patient Records, Progress Notes, and More

Our comprehensive platform provides a vastly superior experience compared to generic video platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. Nursing staff can create virtual appointments, enter symptoms, and upload reports and images, which can be reviewed by physicians from their mobile device or computer. Physicians are able to write progress notes, lab orders, and prescriptions, all through the CureCompanion application.

Telemedicine Cart with Integrated Medical Devices

A CureCompanion virtual exam is much more than just a video call. Our specially designed telemedicine cart comes with medical devices such as a digital stethoscope, handheld exam camera, otoscope, 12-lead ECG, and Bluetooth diagnostic devices like pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, spirometer, and more. These medical devices work seamlessly with our software platform to provide a full picture of the patient's condition to the physician in real-time.

Robust Integration with PointClickCare

CureCompanion works seamlessly with PointClickCare to provide consistency of records and avoid duplication. Patient lists, records, and physicians' progress notes are automatically synced with PointClickCare without any additional work required by the nursing staff or administration.

Include Residents' Family Members in Telemedicine Calls

It is essential for long-term care facilities to provide comfort and satisfaction to residents as well as their family members. CureCompanion allows family members to securely join telemedicine calls so they can stay in the loop regarding their loved one's care.

Patent-Pending Technology, Trusted Internationally

CureCompanion technology powers telemedicine programs and services for customers in 7 countries. We've been in business for over 5 years, and know exactly what it takes to make telemedicine succeed.

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