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nodMD is a suite of telemedicine tools for delivering virtual care to connect your patients to board-certified medical specialists. Adding telemedicine to your facility should be easy. With nodMD, a physician helped lead the technology team to ensure the system was simple and efficient for your staff. You deserve a smart telemedicine platform designed to let you focus on delivering high-quality patient care with speed.

Features and Benefits

The Easy Way to Keep Your Patients Healthy

nodMD is designed to provide comprehensive specialist services through simple and easy to use technology. We provide 24/7 on-demand access to specialized medicine and cost-efficient care with faster recovery times and measurable quality outcomes.

Keep Your Patients Out of the Hospital

Whether you’re in a rural setting or just want to avoid transferring your patient, bringing in nodMD will ensure your patients get the treatment they need without losing them to the hospital and damaging your rapport with a preventable admission.

Following Patients Along The Continuum of Care

Our virtual outpatient system means that we can continue with the patient after they have been discharged home. This helps to ensure their treatment plans continue and they aren’t readmitted or end up in the ED.

Grow Your Census

With the support of nodMD, your facility can feel confident in accepting higher acuity patients without having to worry about increasing your readmission rate. Our clinical support and 24/7 on-call accessibility are there to support your team and patients.

Simple Technology

Our industry-leading nodMD telemedicine system was custom developed for nursing facilities and now we're integrated with PointClickCare. It is easy to use with no expensive carts or towers required.

PointClickCare Integrated

Patient information, orders, and notes are all synced to help specialists treat your residents with top-notch quality

HD Quality Video

Our centralized processing server can handle multiple HD streams with ease.

Invite Guests

Invite family members, translators, other physicians, and more to our video consults.

No Downloads Needed

You and your residents join your visit straight from your web browser. No apps to download. No tricky IT requirements. Works out of the box with all of the most popular browsers and devices.

Encrypted and HIPAA-Compliant

Your patient data is secure and private with our 256-Bit encryption. We're digitally certified through DigiCert with all pages forced through SSL cryptographic protocols. Our top tier infrastructure is the same as powerhouse companies like Netflix, Dow Jones, ESPN, and Tesla.

How nodMD Achieves Success for our Partners

Most skilled nursing and long term care facilities have limited access to specialists. Even in urban areas, most infectious disease physicians round at unpredictable times. nodMD aims to change that with three simple principles: Accessibility, Competency, and Communication. Accessibility When an infection begins to accelerate, there is no time to wonder when the infectious disease specialist would be available. With nodMD, providers are available 24/7 via secure text messages, voice calls, and on-demand video visits to help treat residents in-place. Competency Our providers are in constant communication. With a top-notch training program, dedicated teams that absorb and share current studies and tactics, and a physician-led leadership team, our partner organizations get board-certified level knowledge that is only a click away. Communication In the care of a resident, the providers at nodMD seek out as many other members of the primary team as possible. RTs, nurse assistants, RNs, and Providers. We talk with them, learn more about their patient, and take the opportunity to explain our assessments and plans. This team approach ensures everyone is on board and no one is left in the dark.

Reviews ★★★★★

"Nod is a big asset to our team. The response time is quick and seamless – everyone should have them involved.” -Yvonne Williams, DON, Peoria Post Acute "Providers have always been very supportive and available" - Kathi Levine "The NOD specialists are very professional and easily approachable. They are very nice and work well with our team." - Christina Pawelkop, ADON, The Gardens of Scottsdale "#1 ease of use. When presented with new software, you brace yourself for a long painful adoption period. Nod is very much a "you get what you see" app. You keep thinking, "Is it really that easy?" And it is, with no lack of intelligent functionality. #2 the people behind it. Name another tele-med app designed by a specialist provider and whose team gives you 1:1 training and support. I'll give a 10 as soon as the new features are released." - Jodie Krueger, PM "Great business, that has the ability to really help with infection issues." - Ted Marcus, Haven Health


How Nod Works for your Residents

How Nod Works for your Residents

This demo shows how a NodMD specialist can round in your facility and how your resident can schedule an appointment with the specialist after they've been discharged.

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