CallingDr is a fully integrated telemedicine software with PointClickCare that permits the transmission of patient healthcare data to the medical staff in real-time. The healthcare provider can see the patient face to face via HD video encounter and the notes will be transferred back to PointClickCare automatically without any extra steps. This two-way connectivity allows CallingDr to be an ideal telemedicine solution in long term care facilities, nursing homes, and home health settings CallingDr Telemedicine for Long Term & Post-Acute Care provides remote patient care through telemedicine at any time and from anywhere. it enables prescription oversight and potentially increases accessibility to high-quality medical services while reducing the overall cost of medical care and improve patient outcomes.

Features and Benefits

HD Video Visit

Providers can interact with Patients via voice and video using real-time voice and HD video technology. During the video, encounter notes can be saved directly to PointClickCare

Patient Health Record

Patient Health Records can be directly pulled from PointClickCare in CallingDr to view during a video visit

Appointments and Scheduling

Appointments can be booked for a regular checkup for residents with remote physicians using CallingDr.

Secure Messaging

Multi-mode communication using Video, Audio, and Secure Messaging between the patients, providers, and nursing staff

Super Bill and physician billing Record

Once the call is finished, Super Bill is automatically generated and can be processed by the provider office for insurance billing. No extra steps, no overhead, just a simple process.

CallingDr integrated with PointClickCare

Long-term care facilities face the challenge of the increasing shortage of healthcare professionals which results in the lack of optimal comprehensive medical care and coordination. Many facilities transport their aging and chronically ill population to hospitals or physician offices for consults via ambulance, when there is a health issue that the facility cannot adequately address. Remote patient care can reduce the need for these visits, enable prescription oversight, and potentially increase accessibility to high-quality medical services while reducing the overall cost of medical care and improve patient outcomes. CallingDr now is integrated with PointClickCare and supports bi-direction data integration to enhance care delivery. The collaboration of these two technologies allows the caregivers and healthcare providers in different locations to share information and discuss the patients’ care which can reduce the need for transferring the patient to another healthcare facility and ultimately keep the patient out of the hospital.

CallingDr integrated with Health Devices for remote examination

CallingDr Telemedicine platform is integrated with a number of health devices to remotely exam and monitor patients. Devices include a range of blood pressure monitors, weight scales, digital stethoscopes, otoscopes, intraoral cameras, and skin exam cameras.

Device agnostic and no special hardware required

CallingDr platform is device agnostic and required no special hardware to operate which means it works on your existing infrastructure without any major upgrades. CallingDr is accessible from virtually any device such as windows computers or Mac and on your smartphones or tablets.

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