TiaTele is a comprehensive, HIPAA and GDPR compliant telehealth platform that enables healthcare providers to securely connect with patients from a remote location in real time, examine patient’s physical condition and measure their vitals, access patient health records through an integrated EHR and prescribe treatment via e-prescription tools. TiaTele allows encrypted text messaging and secure audio/video calls between patients and healthcare resources, where the patient can see and/or speak to the provider, globally, in real-time. The physician receives the patient’s health records, scans, images and vitals through our integrated wireless telehealth peripherals and telemedicine equipment.

Features and Benefits

TiaTele Telehealth Portal

We have worked diligently to provide a one stop telemedicine solution for physicians. The telehealth portal provides emergency / on-call teleconferencing, scheduler for physician appointments, remote camera controls, encrypted text message, GPS function, point of care interface for labs, AI-incorporated provider/physician documentation, e-Prescription, ICD and CPT coding, secure cloud-based EHR integration and session tracking and online payment platform

Virtual Mobile / Web-Based Telehealth App

Our mobile applications have been built with ease of use as a priority and provide audio-video with camera controls, synchronous call broadcasting, GPS function, scheduler for physician appointments, point of care interface for labs, ophthalmoscope, DICOM viewer, e-Prescription, ICD and CPT coding and quality metrics.

Telemedicine Cart

Our advanced telemedicine cart is specially designed for remote assistance and features battery powered supply, single or dual monitors, portable CT scanner, digital blood pressure monitor, 10x /12x zoom PTZ camera, bluetooth pulse oximeter, 12 lead EKG, funduscope, point of care blood analyzer, electronic stethoscope, bluetooth weighing scale, chemistry analyzer, android / iPhone included and digital thermometer.

Integrated with PointClickCare

TiaTech's solutions can be integrated with PointClickCare to provide physicians a seamless experience with consistency of records devoid of duplication. Patient lists, records, vitals and physicians' progress notes are automatically synced with PointClickCare without any additional input from the nursing staff or administration.

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