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Bonafide’s Contamination Monitoring Platform helps to mitigate the spread of infection by tracking and managing cross-contamination throughout your facility. Using its floorplan tile feature, the cloud-based tool provides your facility the most robust contamination verification on an easy to understand dashboard. It creates a tangible and visible display of the infection’s origin and advancements to help you track and eliminate further contamination. The software gives facilities a dashboard to monitor bacteria levels by room or equipment category and the power to monitor monthly trends and treatment or cleaning effectiveness. The complete solution combines the most advanced, reliable ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) technology helps DME providers to ensure their inventory being brought into the facility is free of harmful pathogens.

Features and Benefits

Improve Patient Outcomes and Lower Operating Cost in 4 steps - Test, Treat, Track and Train

TEST - Bonafide Bac-Track ATP reader is the most advanced ATP System on the market today. It provides sanitation verification for immediate, quantifiable measurements of the environment and high-touch surface cleanliness. TREAT - Bonafide provide the latest products and solutions designed specifically for facility managers. This includes the EMist EPIX360 electrostatic sprayers – the most effective handheld, cordless electrostatic disinfectant sprayers in the world. More coverage. Less waste. Better results. TRACK - Bonafide Bac-Track, monitors contamination levels in an easy-to-read dashboard dedicated to your facility. It also allows you to monitor by department or equipment category to pinpoint your problem areas. Our software includes infection control reporting to meet new CMS § Reg 483.80 – F880 guidelines and CDC reporting requirements. TRAIN - Bonafide offer onsite and online support and training that will assist in your fight against germs. Our software features “Ask Eddy,” a virtual intuitive assistant.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Executive dashboard compiles all infection analytics for one, or all, facilities.

Assess Cleanliness

ATP testing system measures cleanliness for real results and accurate readings of your facilities.

Contamination Visualization

Cross-contamination analytics make invisible infections, visible to help track and manage outbreaks.

See the Bigger Picture

Floorplan tile feature displays your entire facility by department, room, and touchpoint.

Seamless Implementation

Seamlessly implements with each component to have your outbreak management integrated when you need it

Compliance Integration

Integrated CDC/CMS guidelines to ensure compliance.

Interactive Training

Comprehensive training on all software and tools.

On-Demand Supplies

Real-time supplies ordering and management.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Bac-Track will retrieve patient demographic info such as Diagnosis and Medications from PointClickCare to load on Bac-Track Infection Tracking log entries.

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