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NextStep Solutions EHR and behavioral health billing service were created to ensure practices can focus on what really matters–providing exceptional patient care. As behavioral healthcare continues to evolve through value-based care initiatives and virtual teletherapy visits, we can help you redefine the care delivery models that best serve your clients’ needs. Our suite of products includes scheduling, charting, assessments, automated form routing, an extensive forms library, and SMART billing engine. We also provide customized reports and dashboards for better clinical and financial decision support, integrated HIPAA-compliant teletherapy, and robust privacy and permissions settings to protect patient confidentiality. It’s time to move behavioral health forward. Together.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Workflows

Our behavioral health EHR is built on the concept of flexible workflows. We recognize the forms you need to collect, your workflow, and how you measure success is unique to your program. Requirements in your area and the clinical outcomes model you choose need to be meaningful and configurable based on your priorities and preferences. We strive to provide a seamless, highly adaptable workflow that puts the information you need at your fingertips so it’s easy to fill out forms, charts, and other documents. Our technology is tablet and Chromebook-friendly, allowing you to scroll and tap with ease. NextStep is an EHR solution that adapts to you, more than you adapt to it.

Clinical Outcomes Measures

As behavioral healthcare moves towards a value-based payment system, measuring clinical outcomes is becoming more important than ever. Payers are moving away from a common fee-for-service model and towards payments based on increased client functionality, demonstrated progress, and a decrease in Emergency Department visits. At NextStep, we make it easy to track your clients’ progress and quickly assess how each client, group, or facility as a whole is doing. Create your own outcome model or modify one that we’ve already designed. Using reports and dashboards, you can monitor a client’s progress towards achieving their goals and objectives in their individualized plan. And there’s no need to open multiple tabs–the treatment planning wizard takes you through creating a compliant personalized care plan–all in one easy to follow document. Charting: Our charting tools, including goals, objectives, and progress indicators, are fully integrated within the EHR. Chart notes are easily configured to fit your needs. For example, if a client’s insurance company requires a mental status exam at each visit, you can put fields for that right into the note. You can also create different types of notes and search by note type, clinician, or client.

Protecting Client Privacy

Privacy matters, especially when it comes to behavioral health. Our EHR is designed so permissions can be set to ensure that only those who need to see information about a client have access. Techs may not need to read therapists’ notes, while admissions may not need access to any notes at all. You can also isolate select client records to specific staff members. NextStep also allows you to share selected parts of the client chart with external providers and referrals. Choose what you want to share and have the system send it over. No more back and forth emails or snail mailing paper forms!

Supervisor Review, Audit and Compliance

Our MOST audit and compliance tool makes sure all relevant rules and regulations are met for CARF and JCAHO requirements, but we take it one step further. We allow you to set your own compliance benchmarks so you can audit against your own internal policies and procedures. MOST makes it easier to ensure that you are in compliance with things that range from making sure all fire extinguishers up to date, to requiring that all notes are completed within 24 hours. You can also set specific fields as “required”, or define a minimum number of characters that must be completed in each field.

Methadone, Suboxone and Dispensing Module

NextStep gives you all the tools you need to care for your clients quickly and accurately, while maintaining full legal and clinical compliance. We offer customized workflows, whether your clinic is more doctor-driven or collaborative in nature. Our system supports verbal orders and fast approvals. All interactions between the prescribing doctor, nurse, counselor, and dispensing clinic are seamless, and billing is fully integrated. No more logging into multiple systems or dealing with billing headaches. Soft or hard holds–such as those due to payment issues, positive screen, or missed doses–are easy to note. Whether you are prescribing maintenance doses or complex titrations, our module allows you to enter the prescription request dose modifications. You can manage approvals for modifications, and accurately and quickly provide the doses to the client. NextStep offers a solution that integrates dispensing and client results into the behavioral health chart and total care process. Randomized drug testing and other periodic screening is also available, and it can easily be placed on hold if a nurse is off duty or other factors make it impossible to test on a specific day. Managing take home doses is a breeze, and it is easy to create DEA reports and controlled substance inventory tracking. Traceability and compliance are cornerstones of this module.

Med Passing

Designed for inpatient floor staff, our med passing system makes it simple to keep up with even the most complicated medication schedules. You can set times and alerts for each patient’s medications, along with related medical needs such as re-wrapping a wound or taking vitals. If anything unusual is happening, such as a patient preparing for a home visit, you can set individual task lists and reminders for that situation. You can group PRN medications, document self-administered meds, and note any exceptions such as a patient refusing meds. If you have multiple locations, you can easily check on each facility at a glance.


In our medication module, you can e-Prescribe through Surescripts™, the largest e-Prescription network in the U.S. It provides real-time determination of client eligibility, as well as a complete list of all the client’s meds regardless of prescriber. You’ll have updated formulary listings and real-time drug interaction and allergy information at your fingertips, including those drugs that were prescribed or filled elsewhere. You will also have electronic messaging capabilities directly to and from pharmacies for refill requests, with options to authorize, deny, or defer the prescription request. Prescriptions can be dispensed to most major retail pharmacy chains, as well as numerous independents, according to client preference. Our e-Prescribing system is fully integrated with the rest of our medication module, including med passing and tapering/titration. We also include EPCS so clinicians can write and transmit controlled substance prescriptions electronically. You can create a Favorites list for commonly prescribed medications or simply write a new script each time. And you can have several different users accessing e-prescribing, which includes prescribers, users authorized to prescribe on behalf of a provider, and users who may not prescribe, but can stage medications and refills for approval by prescribers.

Financial Reports and Dashboards

Financial data can quickly become overwhelming, especially for medical billing offices. Unlike most vendors, NextStep offers two financial reporting modes. A simplified report gives you the nuts and bolts of your facility’s financial data in an easy to understand way. An extended report provides complex, granular information to help you make the best financial decisions for your facility. Our accounts receivable reports give you the option to apply fee schedules. Where many accounts receivable reports only show the standard dollar amounts you billed, our fee schedule reports show you how much you can expect to be paid – taking into account the rates paid by each insurer as well as the rates for each clinician who provided services. Our billing engine lets you view your reports onscreen, send them to a printer, or export them to Excel. We don’t use merged columns or complex formatting, which means you can get straight to the numbers without having to first solve spreadsheet formatting issues. You can look at payer mixes to determine what percentage of your payments come from which sources. You can see reimbursement rates, average timing from providing services to receiving payment, and how many times you need to resubmit claims to different insurers. Our self-pay dashboard gives you all the data you need to collect on balances and set up payment plans.

Clinical Reports and Dashboards

Our clinical reports and dashboards can be customized to the workflow for each role. A psychiatrist’s dashboard might list all the different assessments that need to be performed, along with a color-coded status for each – dark green for done on time, light green for done but not on time, red for not done and late, and purple for not done but planned for the future. This lets clinicians, managers, and other relevant team members see at a glance what’s going on with each client. You can even have a fully integrated outcomes report card that shows how individual clients are doing from day to day or from session to session. This can include data such as whether clients are meeting their goals and objectives, key indicators from various assessments, and more. The clinical dashboard is highly interactive, and it can easily pull information from other parts of the NextStep system. If you want to do a longitudinal chart review, for instance, you no longer need to pull 25 separate charts from a shelf. Instead, you can simply tell the system you want to see all group notes, or all notes provided by a specific clinician.

Integrated Teletherapy

Our powerful teletherapy platform is HIPAA compliant and fully integrated with our EHR so you have access to the same state-of-the-art support tools, regardless of whether your clients are in the same room with you, or they’re accessing your services via our teletherapy solution. Client care will never be compromised with teletherapy access at your fingertips. You’ll be able to connect with your clients anywhere they are, so you can continue to provide exceptional care under any circumstances. NextSteps' teletherapy features include: * Individual and group teletherapy video chat sessions * Online scheduling for individual or group appointments * Appointment reminders * Secure messaging * Integrated notes and appointments right there in your NextStep system * Reimbursement for teletherapy services through private insurance payers * Works with all internet browsers and mobile platforms

Behavioral Health Billing Service

Our behavioral health billing service is a valuable resource for facilities without a billing department, or whose billing department is stretched thin. We have a team of qualified billing experts who use our powerful software to manage billing for our customers. We can provide a complete package of billing services that includes: * Checking eligibility * Submitting and resubmitting claims * Working rejections and denials * Posting payments * Accounts Receivable (AR) management * Preparing and sending client statements * Handling audit and compliance issues * Working Roll-ups

Integrated with PointClickCare

NextStep users will be able to link locations and patients to facilities and patients respectively in PointClickCare. For clients that are linked, users will have the ability to send sealed instances of forms completed in NextStep to PointClickCare that will then be attached to the linked client’s chart and will be viewable from within PointClickCare.


This is NextStep Solutions

This is NextStep Solutions

NextStep Solutions was founded by behavioral health specialists who understand the needs of the mental health and substance use community. We partner with outpatient and residential programs to help them achieve better clinical and financial outcomes. See why we do what we do.

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