Workzoom helps you engage your employees, enlighten your leaders and grow your business. Drive engagement with a centralized hub to connect with your entire team with their personal information, company updates and much more from any device. Make informed decisions with the help of insightful dashboards, powerful analytics and on-demand reports. Streamline scheduling, timekeeping and payroll to eliminate costly inefficiencies. With powerful people management processes in place, Workzoom will free up time so you can focus on patient care and attracting and retaining great people.

Features and Benefits

All-in-one compliance confidence

Workzoom houses all of your employee data, records and documents in one place. It’s a single, end-to-end solution that that automatically brings together and shares information across Workforce, Payroll and Talent. Workzoom saves you countless hours of time spent tracking and organizing information and eliminates risk by removing the need for repetitive data entry. You’ll never miss a deadline or expiry of a critical date with the help of reminders and expiry notifications. Enjoy having all your information at the click of the button… no more paperwork! Workzoom is robust and flexible, allowing you to choose the suites you want while supporting you as your business and needs evolve.

Start-to-finish payroll

Workzoom Payroll integrates your time collection with payroll, while continuous auditing detects and alerts administrators of any anomalies. Take control of your payroll with a process configured to your needs. Workzoom helps you reduce the burden on your payroll administrators by providing employees with self-service access to important payroll details like pay stubs, compensation details and tax forms.

Simplified workforce management

Workzoom Workforce gives you all the tools you need to support your team on and off the clock. Time capture is simple and painless even for employees who aren’t technically savvy! Schedule creation from templates streamlines the process and can include pre-determined time rules that automate shift premiums and meal calculations. This ensures accuracy and consistency when it comes to your payroll results. Managers are notified of the most important time variances while Workzoom takes care of the rest to save them valuable time. Filling shifts is much less time consuming with the help of Workzoom by automatically matching shifts with qualified staff. Workzoom gives you the tools you need to ensure optimal staffing levels, while communicating shift information with employees in real time.

Total talent engagement

Communicate your company announcements, news and values in one place, accessible from any device to keep your whole team up-to-date. Boost your employee retention by taking advantage of Workzoom Talent! Retain your employees by encouraging them to get excited about their career with the help of role-specific goals, progress tracking and regular feedback. Learning management gives you the ability to provide access to important course materials and resources for compliance and certifications. Employees will also enjoy dashboards unique to their roles with valuable tips and insight and the ability to update their own information at their convenience.

Streamlined recruiting

Centralize your hiring efforts from requisitions to job offers with Workzoom's pre-determined workflows to automate your recruiting and onboarding processes. Post and track jobs to external job boards while centralizing the latest and greatest information on insightful dashboards. Keep your whole recruiting team on the same page when it comes to your open jobs. Workzoom’s advanced scoring short-lists your most qualified candidates automatically so you can spend more time interviewing and determining the best fit for your growing team. Initiate I-9/e-verify, credential validation and background checks when you’re ready to hire.

Powerful analytics and reports

Workzoom empowers you with big picture perspective on your business by leveraging data across all subjects. Informative dashboards for all major business areas provide you with insightful information at-a-glance. Workzoom comes complete with comprehensive reporting capabilities at the click of a button. Pre-set reports created by subject-matter experts show you everything you need to know about a particular subject, or create your own from scratch. Reports are unlimited and you’re able to customize any report to meet your unique needs.

Your partner in success

Workzoom is here to engage your employees, enlighten your leaders and grow your business. Our streamlined suites and convenient pricing make it easy for Long Term Post Acute Care and Senior Care providers to get up and running on an all-in-one solution that will free up valuable time while providing you with powerful business insight! Let Workzoom do your administrative heavy lifting so you can get back to what matters most… patient care and attracting and retaining amazing employees.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Workzoom seamlessly integrates with PointClickCare by synchronizing facilities, floors, rooms and beds with our Workforce suite. This enables the scheduling of employees to very specific spaces throughout the facility. Workzoom’s powerful scheduling advantages also include automated time rules for shift premiums and meals for accurate payroll calculations. Managers enjoy automatic notifications to stay on top of important time variances. Workzoom scheduling also integrates with time off and matches empty shifts with qualified candidates to allow managers to fill shifts with ease while staying completely compliant.

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