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Keenly Health’s non-contact monitoring system was designed specifically for the unique needs of long-term care, either in facilities or in the home, providing caregivers with an additional resource, a Virtual Medical Assistant, to monitor persons under their care, around the clock, without requiring an in-person visit. The additional insights available from VMA’s constant monitoring, and deep learning about a patient’s respiration, sleep, and movement patterns, also enables the customization of a patient’s care, and adjustment to changes in the patient’s needs, providing more autonomy and privacy to patients with lesser needs for personal visits, while assuring patients and their families that patients are being monitored around-the-clock.

Features and Benefits

Continuous, Radar-based Monitoring

Keenly Health’s non-contact approach to healthcare monitoring is based on a patented Ultra Wideband Radar sensor. There are no wearables, no attachments and no patient compliance required. Our system runs 24/7 over WiFi or cellular.

Early Detection of Patient Deterioration

Our data science-based technology uses machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence to monitor the health of a resident. When an anomaly is detected an alert is sent to the care staff. For example, continuous high respiration rate is the sign of a possible infection starting. Early interventions help prevent adverse events and hospital readmissions, and save lives.

A Unique Respiration Rate Monitoring System for Post-Acute Care

The respiratory rate of the patient has been consistently shown to be a critically important component in assessing clinical status. Many consider the respiratory rate to be the most significant early indicator of patient decline and critical illness. Keenly Health has developed an accurate, continuous, non-contact method for recording and monitoring respiratory rate. Using ultra wide band radar, the Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™ provides a continuous monitoring system completely free of any physical contact.

Falls Management

Our radar-based bed exit tracker alerts the care staff when a resident gets out bed and does not return within a customizable time threshold. For example, send an alert when a resident does not get back in bed within 10 minutes.

Visitor Detection

Our thermal sensor-based second presence feature tracks visitors coming in and leaving a resident’s room. It assures family members that their loved one is getting personalized care 24/7.

Integrated with PointClickCare

The Keenly integration with PointClickCare allows Keenly customers to see periodic respiration observations in the Point Click Care portal for patients in whose room the Keenly device is installed. It also allows auto loading of PCC patient information into the Keenly application during onboarding.


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