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Joerns Healthcare is a fully integrated provider of services, products, and expertise whose mission is to simplify your journey in delivering post-acute care. We empathize with the pressure on providers to acclimate to changes in care admissions, compliance, operational procedures, and payment structure, while prioritizing patient safety and care. Finding solutions aligned with your clinical, operational, and financial goals is challenging. The Joerns Connexio program addresses the manual processes associated with coordinating the delivery and use of healthcare services, locating missing assets, and reconciling billing issues that cause variability, inconsistency, and operational stress. Maximizing the clinical setting is key to success, and we strive to solve the profuse issues you face by simplifying operations so you can focus on care.

Features and Benefits

Automate Service Start and Stop Dates for Utilization

Receiving notifications automatically, and seamlessly, eliminates inefficient and time-consuming manual processes needed to initiate, confirm, and validate start and end dates for equipment utilization at the patient level.

Align Clinical Needs of the Patient

Leveraging a proprietary consultative process that matches patient clinical needs directly to the correct clinically preferred equipment, technology, and services, creates standardization and eliminates variability in the delivery of care.

Streamline Interactions and Processes

Simplifying and connecting seamlessly removes labor-intensive processes, a “one-and-done” approach utilizing standardly created patient information to power connected care delivery.

Maximize Efficiency and Leverage EMR Capabilities

Powering newly created and defined business applications with a foundation in patient-driven, automated data, enables and delivers the full benefit of your EMR.

Provide Actionable Business Intelligence

Empowering informed decisions requires robust analytics and the collection of meaningful patient-driven data and insights. Through the identification and collection of key performance indicators, Joerns provides clear, concise, and pertinent information that supports models of efficient and effective patient care.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Use of real-time EMR data to anticipate and automatically provide quality products and services.


Joerns Healthcare | Clinically Clean

Joerns Healthcare | Clinically Clean

At Joerns Healthcare, we are uniquely prepared for crisis. We run to challenges, not from them. As a company with more than 130 years of experience, we have a proven track record of customer service through many difficult times including the Spanish flu pandemic, SARS, H1N1, and others. Now, we are here to help our healthcare partners during COVID-19.

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