eCare21 provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Virtual Care Platform that improves efficiency and communication across the care spectrum for clinicians, health systems, payers, patients, family care givers, and more. Better care starts with better information and better communication among providers, patients, and caregivers. eCare21 bridges those gaps with a single solution that ties in EMRs, remote patient monitoring, care coordination, virtual visits, revenue cycle management, and more, giving providers a complete record of patient data to make better decisions. eCare21 works across the healthcare ecosystem to manage chronic conditions remotely, improve care decisions, and reduce hospitalizations. The eCare21 mobile Apps has been recognized as one of the best Caregivers’ Apps five years in a row (2017 - 2021).

Features and Benefits

Chronic Care Management

eCare21 supports all CPT codes and activities for Chronic Care

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is conducted using FDA approved monitoring devices from different vendors and based on personalized monitoring plans with alerts and notifications

Integrated Telehealth visits

Telehealth video visits integrated with RPM and Chronic care management systems and support patient journey

Clear and compliant billing support

eCare21 provides medical practices with ability to collect and store clear and compliant documentation in support of CPT codes billing for tele-visits, remote patient monitoring and chronic care management

FHIR based EHR integration

eCare21 support FHIR based integration with multiple EHR systems

Integrated with PointClickCare

eCare21 and PointClickCare synchronize patient lists, medication, diagnoses and allergies information.


eCare21 Virtual Care Platform

eCare21 Virtual Care Platform

eCare21 reduces healthcare facility and self-payer costs of high-risk therapeutic treatment programs by up to 20% and can reduce repeat hospitalizations by as ...

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