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Through the Unified Data Fabric CYBX empowers ownership & control of ALL your healthcare data. It is specifically designed to meet healthcare requirements with industry specific workflows, security, and interoperability. CYBX builds a foundation for turning healthcare providers into “digital enterprises,” enabling them to address current and future business needs, seamlessly add new systems, and integrate them with the overall IT and operational environment. By leveraging a single framework, clients are also able to 'acquire and present data to the end-users in a very short time frame.

Features and Benefits

FHIR API: PointClickCare

CYBX Interoperability server leverages FHIR as the standard for connectivity, query and transfer. We will enable connectivity with PointClickCare for any organization that has a FHIR endpoint. Our team can also work with you to build a FHIR-enabled interface to your existing systems.

Federated Data Management

Data views are made available through a variety of industry standard interfaces, including JDBC and FHIR APIs. This interoperability enables new value-driven care insights that were previously difficult or impossible to obtain. This is done on a quasi-real time basis, alleviating data lag and avoiding wholesale transfer of data to outside systems. Organizations gain a single view of the truth, and a single point from which to manage security and governance protocols, while leaving all of the source data in its original location.

Scalable Architecture

The CYBX Platform architecture has been designed with scalability in mind and can scale to hundreds of thousands of connections. To facilitate this, a hybrid architecture is used, with data collection RPAs located on-premise with an encrypted, HIPAA compliant, scalable cloud processing backend.

Patient Access

CYBX implements FHIR-based patient access by utilizing the ONC mandated regulation defined by the 21st Century Cures Act and can make it available for clients who have yet to build their own solution or are looking for a ready-made one.

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